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Artemis Chaney - The Alpha B*tch

Artemis Chaney - Alpha B*tch


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Raising a pack of four on my own was a struggle. Not gonna sugarcoat it. I failed more than I succeeded. There was probably more heartbreak than heartfelt. But it was the love I had for my kids and my dogs, that kept me from jumping off the bridge. They needed me as much as I needed them. And despite the pain I was in, there was a reason to get up in the morning and quit my sniveling. As the years dragged on, I made a ton of mistakes. Yet with each one, I learned never to do that again. Then along came this thing called "a TV show" and my family and I were tossed into the spotlight. The entire world got to see our "F" ups and our triumphs. I had nothing to hide and could've cared less what anyone had to say about me. My skin grew thicker with each day and for some unexplainable reason; it felt good. Then I realized that I had become so strong, confident and resilient beyond anything I had ever encountered in my lifetime. People from all over the world (mostly women) began to reach out and ask for advice and help. I felt their pain because I had "been there, done that". But my words of wisdom (for lack of a way better word) were not out of knowledge or because I had some college degree. The stuff that poured out of my mouth was because of those "F" ups. I needed to share with others on what not to do. So you are probably asking, "who the Hell is this Artemis Chaney?" Well....it's Me. At least bits and pieces of me and even parts that I wish were me. Artemis Chaney is my alter-ego and a very strong willed female, broad, dame, chick, lady, woman and her favorite....bitch. Call her what you want. She does not get offended..at all. Join us each week. If you got something to say, we will listen. Ladies, it's time to bite back!

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Untamed and undomesticated, there is a little bit of wildling in all of us. At least I hope there is. Wild as the wind, tumultuous as the sea and never allowing anyone to do just that; tame her...this is the Greek Goddess Artemis. Independent... more

Tonight is the season finale' of our TV show "Pit Bulls & Parolees". If not for all the fans and supporters we would've never have made it this far. But...not everyone feels all "warm and fuzzy" when it comes to the work that we do.... more

It feels like a million years ago. The day we were approached to make a reality TV series based around the work we do with the rescue. At the time, all I was thinking about was the money. We were flat broke and on the verge of being... more

To say that my life story has been a zoo is an under statement. Besides the interesting people that have been involved in my past and throughout the years is one thing. But the honor bestowed upon me in working around such a diverse... more

Every day life can be overwhelming. Okay....let's not beat around the ever wilting bush.....it IS overwhelming. And as I sit here and type these "words of wisdom", I think back to times when I thought the world or at least MY world was coming to... more

I've always had quite the imagination. Even as a child, I had more imaginary friends, than ones that I attended school with. And as I got older, a few of these "pretend friends" stuck around long enough to watch me stumble, get back up... more