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Why is it that some believe in a higher power and those do not? Is it just upbringing in the church that strengths this bond or a greater reason? NO WAY ITS MONDAY, with the Ant Ramon show - we discussing religion... more

I KNOW U SEEN EM AND WONDERING HUH? REALLY? Discussing the latest dating trends that are includes cougars but also sugar daddies. New trends, but as old as time...I MEAN, you know what I mean. We looking at this and... more

Ever thought you were being singled out because of your ethnicity, nationality? We looking at racial profiling from your perspective and just issues we see in the news such as the Arizona SB 1080 law on immigration. But join the... more

Recession on your mind because you educated with no job and your not in school anymore! We discussing education and its value today with so many looking to hit the books. To the current, future, and past student, we wanna know... more

STATUS! WHAT GIVES SOMEONE CLOUT AND RESPECT and leaves others on the outside looking in? Is status something you're born with or something that comes through giving and earning respect or something that comes with riches... more

Tonight we looking at double standards for males and females? Why is it cool for men to drink and smoke, yet when a woman does it, she is looked down upon? Are these double standards simply stating what we all want to say or is it... more

WHO ARE U? Thats a question that everyone has been asked but who can really answer? Are you a jock, nerd, geek, celeb, mallrat, (fill in the blank)? We want to know what is more important: the inside or what you portray on the outside... more

As old as time, what makes someone a true FRIEND? Telling you the truth when you look fat or the one who will lie to keep you happy? Clearly there is a fine line between friend and foe but what happens when the relationship of a friend... more

Conversation on the many roles we take on in our relationships of the heart. IS the quiet obedient type more attractive than the loud, in your face, all over the place? What happens when these roles don't fit your lifestyle? When the roles... more

Tonight we discussing partner swapping or SWINGING! Would you? Have you? Is it the thrill or lack of satisfaction from your current partner? We'll even be discussing alleged swinger couples like Will & Jada and idea of an open open... more
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