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Reaction to Grand jury decision to indict or not indict officer darrern wilson of the ferguson, missouri

please join us to discuss all of this weeks contextual interesting current events. from news to lulz. join us! @AnCapDalek and @anticrisis73. Tonights guests include @WhenOnKst and @Aan_ath. Join us as we shoot the shit.

come and join in and lets have a good time !!!! call in (646) 929 1480

After a week out of town (in the urban wilderness of Berkeley), we are back. Boy have things been happening globally. Domestically, there was the Climate Change March which brought an estimated 400,000 people into the streets of New York... more

Blue Vino Extended

Join Slow News as We Lulz at it all. Cause, Shit. Join @AnCapDalek & @anticrisis73 as we lampoon anything and everything. And Orange Crow Farm. Also Mine and dalek's 1 year BTR aniversary

Shoot the shit !

shoot the shit with us. fgts.

Wow where to start....
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