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Is It Just a Job?

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Well, We're back!

I think I want to hold a focus, this year, and I probably said this before- I'll admit.  I want to develop a path for this show and I'm thinking of taking a cue from one of my quasi-mentors, Lilou Mace. 

Lilou wrote a book journaling about how she manifests a job using the Law of Attraction.  I have a job, but I'm facing a similar issue to what prompted her- my job is... facing a transition.  I'm less certain what that transition might be than she was- she was "Made Redundant"- a term I'm assuming is Euro for "Laid Off" or "Downsized."  I'm, obviously, not familiar with that term- and it matters even less when EVERYONE does the SAME THING in the company you work for. 

My current profession is a Security Guard posted at a place that is facing its own transition around the beginning of next year.  I could be posted to another facility as that happens, but what else could happen to me?  What would I want to have happen?  Do I enjoy security enough to continue along this path?  Do I feel ready for more?  Would I want that "More" within or away from my current employer?

I know that I'm fortunate to have a job.  I understand this, but who doesn't want to be, do, or have more in their lives?  That's what this whole Law of Attraction thing is about!  But, even with something that can make the process of Job seeking or Career building easier, the whole thing is still daunting.  

I'd like to see if I can help make such processes more palatable.  Applying the Law of Attraction is supposed to improve your life, whatever your goal- at this point, I'm not sure what my goal is, career wise.  So let's start with using the LOA to get an idea of the path and then how to clarify the path! 

Please Join Me.