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debunking of the Coptic language first hour

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NameEdit The native Coptic name for the language is???????`???? /metremen'k?e?mi/ in the Bohairic (Delta) dialect, ?????????? /mentremen'ki?me/ in the Sahidic (Valley) dialect. The particle prefixmet-/ment-, from the verb ???? mouti ('to speak'), forms all abstract nouns in Coptic (not only those pertaining to "language"). The term remenkhemi/remenkeme, meaning 'Egyptian', is a compound of rem-, which is the construct state of the Coptic noun ????/????, 'man, human being', + the genitive preposition(e)n- 'of' + the word for 'Egypt', ???? Khemi/????Keme (cf. Kemet). Thus, the whole expression literally means 'language of the people of Egypt', or simply 'Egyptian language'. Another name by which the language has been called is ??????????? ment kuptaion from the Copto-Greekform ???????????? ment aiguption ('Egyptian language'). The term logos ?n aiguptios('Egyptian language') is also attested in Sahidic, but logos and aiguptios are both Greek in origin. (Greek vocabulary in Coptic is comparable to Latinate vocabulary in English.) In the liturgy of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the name is more officially ????? ?`??? ?`???? ti-aspi ?n rem ?n kemi, 'the Egyptian language',aspi being the Egyptian word for language.