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This is a program aimed at recent developments in the world within world geopolitics. The purpose of this program is to inform our listeners who say the scriptures of the Bible about the world scene and the prophetic times in which we live and how well it writes are verified the reality of world events with written prophecies ago thousands of years.

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Today we will have Pastor Kamal explaining all about the Muslim world and the difference between Shias,Sunnies, Kurds and how the western world can understand Muslim culture . Also we will talk about ISIS and the war in the... more

Today we will have a round table discussion with the youth of our Church " New Jerusalem " AG Pompano Beach Florida. In there own words they will explain the most important event in human history. Jesus crucifixion and the seven words... more

In an open round table discussion , the group of Youth of our church tells us their impresions about these important subject . The question is how teen age kids perseive Jesus, and if his message is relevant in our days. We will be hosting... more

Today will be our first small group round table broadcast . The group is made of people like you and I we belong to the local church and proud to be Floridians and sons of God. We belong to Ki institute

El dia de hoy estuvimos recibiendo un manjar de parte de Dios . El mensaje estuvo a cargo del Pastor Jose Ordonez de la Iglesia Casa sobre la Roca de la Igleisa en Boca Raton. Jose Ordonez comediante y humorista Colombiano... more

Estaremos develando este gran misterio de los tiempos Quien es Jesus? . A traves de los tiempos esta ha sido una de las preguntas mas cuestinadas en los circulos seculares , y a traves de este programa pondremos a la luz la verdad a... more

Chuck MIssler is the founder and teacher at Koinonia Institue a Think Tank ministry. The institute believe that we are all heading into extremely turbulent times which will test all of our presumptions and beliefs. In our broadcast we will... more

Steve Elwart is an executive research analyst for Koinonia Institute, . Steve works for 40 years in the oil fields as an Enginieer covering the areas of exploration and production. He work several years for the Department Homeland Security and... more

La Chica Organica is a fun-loving mom of 3 beautiful children that enjoys sharing life building truth as a Health and Wellness Educator and Natural Health Researcher. Her passion is also seen in the creation of her own line of organic... more

Mike Larson is the editor of the Safe Money Report newsletter, Weiss Research's first and oldest publication, and the Interest Rate Speculator. Mike joined Weiss in 2001, during which time he has been, alternately, an analyst, editor, and... more