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This is a show about suffering from mental illnesses. Show host Jory Rowe, will explain in full detail about suffering from schitzophrenia. The show will run 30 minutes per week until good ratings to have a paid account happen...lol. As the need for mental health treatment rises, so are the need for first hand accounts from people who suffer from them. Jory will give unbiased advice on what has helped him throughout the coarse of his treatment.

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The last two days were totally uncomfortable, It appears the host has suffered from his first drug allergy. Jory will discuss this and a whole lot more in this 30 minute episode on drug allergies to certain psychotropic drugs. Jory will also tell... more

For many, psycho-active drugs are a means to live life by, that is is if you are mentally ill. Some people go through hoops to find the right doctor, or even the right medicine. For the host, Jory has been taking the same combination of... more

Our producers have developed a new series here on APR. This one will be a biography about the life of Sigmund Freud, breifly discussed in the last episode. Jory will talk about his life, research and accomplishments in this 30 minute... more

They say a good doctor is a virtue to a patient's care and recovery, as a master mechanic is to knowing how to fix an automobile. Some people however, do not get the best of care when finding a reputable doctor. In this case, finding... more

As a disabled veteran, you would think that I would have no problem landing a job, girlfriend/wife, or a nice place to live. Not bad returns for good deeds either, but I am sure that everyone has experienced it, and that is discrimination.... more

We have been waiting for them, and yes we now have them and that is new microphones for the studio. In this 30 minute episode, Jory will discuss his random, open thoughts that come to mind with listeners over the new mics. In... more

Bad habits-we all have some kind of unhealthy habit, whether its biting your nails, smoking, or drug addiction. We have all battled these kinds of things for years, even lifetimes. The science of addiction leads these common habits to do a... more

Lets face it, we have all been lead down an angry road from time to time. Maybe it was a lack of sleep, or a substantial setback, or may have even been a bad day......you name it, we all get mad, angry or upset-whatever you call it, there... more

All in all, alot happens to the mentally ill people because of having too much time on there hands. Its now time to get up and get motivated with something to help divert thoughts that harm into ones that can help. These thoughts are generated... more

For each and every psychiatric patient, there is paperwork....and lots of it. In this episode, Jory will go thru some of his old records with the doctor for discussion and how the treatment plan differs now than from then. An outline of the old... more