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American Psychosis

American Psychosis


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This is a show about suffering from mental illnesses. Show host Jory Rowe, will explain in full detail about suffering from schitzophrenia.

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Have you ever wondered how to get a good nights rest? In this second of three shows in an APR series, Jory will tell some of his secrets on how to do just that. Jory will talk about supplements, natural ways to fall asleep and stay asleep, as... more

Jory will talk about sleep and its effectiveness on human behavior, stamina, and overall body/mind performance in this 30 minute special. This is also a series of three 30 minute broadcasts totally dedicated to the topic of sleep. Jory will give... more

This is a monthly "in-sho-mercial" on the the upcoming shows and series for October 2014. Jory will talk about the upcoming series "The Secret of Sleep", here on APR. This series will last all month long with a show on the introduction... more

As we are over-hauling our topic ideas, a surprise show about kids and there temper-tantrum fits. Jory will give examples as to what he experienced as a child with temper and anger management issues. Jory will also go over treatment of... more

Now back to regular scheduled shows, the new equipment is working great! In this episode, Jory will talk about childhood depression and how it is treated. Sub-topics will include the latest medicine for treatment, patient response to... more

This is a short show to test the new laptop, microphone and internet connection for American Psychosis Radio. Due to a failed CPU in the old machine plus the XP op. system, producer was not able to schedule shows. This will be about... more

In this new episode, Jory will talk about Elliot Rodger and his twisted thinking. What could have possibly went wrong in the mind of this young man, whose hatred towards women propelled him to do such crimes. Jory will talk about... more

Now downgraded to an unpaid account, APR goes to a once per Sunday newscast about subjects and interests of mentally challenged people. Show is a half an hour long and covers a wide variety of topics, relative to... more

In this hour long broadcast Jory will tell the story about the life and legacy of Shirley Ardell Mason, also known as Sybil. With a life-long history of Multiple Personality Disorder, Jory will tell about the disorder and how Sybil lived with it.

Jory talks about the definition of substance abuse and self medication in this hour long make up episode. Since the two topics are somewhat similar, Jory will divide the show into two parts. Phonecalls will follow.