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This is a show about suffering from mental illnesses. Show host Jory Rowe, will explain in full detail about suffering from schitzophrenia.

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Now back to regular scheduled shows, the new equipment is working great! In this episode, Jory will talk about childhood depression and how it is treated. Sub-topics will include the latest medicine for treatment, patient response to medicine, and overall prognosis in patients treated with anti-depressants. The show runs for 30 minutes and is subject to reschedule.
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On-Demand Episodes

This is a short show to test the new laptop, microphone and internet connection for American Psychosis Radio. Due to a failed CPU in the old machine plus the XP op. system, producer was not able to schedule shows. This will be about... more

In this new episode, Jory will talk about Elliot Rodger and his twisted thinking. What could have possibly went wrong in the mind of this young man, whose hatred towards women propelled him to do such crimes. Jory will talk about... more

Now downgraded to an unpaid account, APR goes to a once per Sunday newscast about subjects and interests of mentally challenged people. Show is a half an hour long and covers a wide variety of topics, relative to... more

In this hour long broadcast Jory will tell the story about the life and legacy of Shirley Ardell Mason, also known as Sybil. With a life-long history of Multiple Personality Disorder, Jory will tell about the disorder and how Sybil lived with it.

Jory talks about the definition of substance abuse and self medication in this hour long make up episode. Since the two topics are somewhat similar, Jory will divide the show into two parts. Phonecalls will follow.

Jory will spend this whole hour talking about famous people who had, or have schitzophrenia. Phonecalls will be taken in this hour long episode.

Jory tells stories about proper handling of problems and critical thinking during emergency situations. Jory will also tell about beginning of his career in being an EMT in the US Navy. Time will be alotted for phonecalls. Show runs for an hour.

After two days of being off the air, Jory will take the time to tell about Paranoia, what it is, what it is like to live with it, and treatment options. Jory will also give examples and share real life experience about living with paranoia as well.... more

In this show Jory will talk about what it is like to hear voices from both true and untrue sources. Schitzophrenics suffer from different subtypes of mental illness and Jory will also give some examples. Treatment options will also be... more

This is a two hour special with a show about schitzophrenia, suffering and everyday life of the host Jory Rowe. Show will be about suffering as well. Jory will discuss life events that may have had a vital impact on Jory's life. Time will be... more