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Ambassador Ausar

Afrikan Holistic Healing:Second Season


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The second season of this show ends September 9th, 2011. Join Ambassador Ausar and the blogtalkradio family as we provide the most intellectually honest and insightful analysis in discussing every area of Afrikan consciousness/culture on the 9th and 19th of each month at 9pm!

On-Demand Episodes

Join Ambassador Ausar on a Special Broadcast on the need for IMMEDIATE CLEMENCY FOR TROY DAVIS!!! Call in a express yourself on the lethal injection scheduled execution of Troy Davis at 7PM TONIGHT!! The Supreme Court of... more

Join Ambassador Ausar and family as we get an inside look at what actually is happening in New York the night of Hurricane Irene. My New York family will call in and give us a blow by blow account of this historical storm hitting the... more

This is part 2 of our organized meetings around preparing and enduring Hurricane Irene. You will get advice on how to better prepare for the bulk of the storm which begins on Sunday. Join Ambassador Ausar and family as we... more

Hurricane Irene is scheduled to hit the Eastern Seaboard from Saturday into Sunday, which New York is predicted to be in the eye of the storm. How should you prepare for this weather event? This is stated by leading Metrologists as... more

In this episode we will explore Afrikan childrearing and the psychological ramifications of our long culture of beating our children as a form of discipline. Is this practice successful in rearing our children yesterday and today? Does this... more

Is the sacrifice of animals and blood letting still a necessary component of Afrikan spirituality? If so, why aren't we practising this tradition in the "Afrikan conscious community" today? Why was this tradition of blood letting practiced by our... more

How is the relationship between the black man and black women being systematically challenged? Why are so many black men growing up or have grown up in single mother households? What is the ramifications of no father in... more

Join Ambassador Ausar and the blogtalkradio family as we expose and analyze the exact hip hop songs that altered our Afrikan consciousness for generations to come. There were many songs in the 90's that accomplished this, but... more

Join Ambassador Ausar as we critically analyze the concepts found in Dianetics and the teachings and doctrine of the Church of Scientology. We will also examine the secret relationship between the Nation of Islam and Scientology... more
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