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Conspiracies in Religion - The Greek word Ekklesia

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Join us next Saturday as we go over the Greek word Ekklesia and show how this single mistranslation, thanks in no small part by King James himself, forever changed how we would view the Church. There is so much here that it may be difficult to get into an hour. We will run a little longer if needed. THE NON-BIBLICAL WORD: CHURCH! Language confusion and much false teaching results from the use of the English word "church". That word should not be in the Scriptures. It does not translate the Greek word ekklesia. In truth, there is no "church" in God's word! The King James translators, on orders from King James himself, substituted the word "church" for a true translation of the Greek word. It is one of the greatest evils ever perpetuated on all who have put their trust in the translations of Holy Scripture! Let's look at the confusion or deception the word 'church' can cause. The word "church" was substituted for a correct translation of the Greek word ekklesia; and that anti-scriptural word has deceived millions of unknowing, often uncaring, people into actually believing that there really is a church in the Bible. It is a great deception; a horrible error. The English words assembly, congregation, or gathering are correct renderings of the Greek word. There is no justification whatever for the English word church being in the Scripture. Today we live in a religious world with many churches, of all brands, shades, grades, and character. They are all from men; not any one of them is from God. But churches are what the vast majority of religious people have based their hope of heaven upon, believing that faithfulness to their brand of Church is the way to please God. They "belong to the church," not to the Lord Jesus Christ! The hard fact is that there is no church in God's word!