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Mass Appeal - "FemShep" and Mass Effect Femslash

  • Broadcast in Video Games



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This week F4F Radio will boldly go where it hasn't before, to a galaxy far, far away.  That's right, for the first time we're going into space - to play video games.  The "Mass Effect" trilogy is one of the most successful console game series of the decade, and "Mass Effect 3" has certainly been the most prominent, most controversial game of 2012, thanks to an ending that has frustrated nearly everyone to beat the game.  Once you get past the hoopla, though, you get a vastly entertaining action-RPG game that allows the player to initiate romantic storylines between the male (or female) hero, and various male and female supporting characters.  Yes, that's right, since ME1 the female Commander Shepard could become involved with, among other people, the asari Liara T'Soni.  Which, coincidentally, is the main pairing we'll be discussing tonight.  Two of tonight's guests are best-known for their fanfics pairing "FemShep" with Liara - Rae D. Magdon, writer of the "Can Wait" series, and N.Q. Wilder, who wrote the "All Things Must Pass" trilogy.  Our third and final guest has also written FemShep/Liara, but Sisirongana has spent more time on stories like "Blood From a Stone" for an (unfortunately) noncanon pairing, FemShep/Miranda Lawson.