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Waiting to be Found – “Lost Girl” & Author Heartsways

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Tonight we venture back into the world of smaller, up-and-coming fandoms in the femslash community.  The successful Season Two of the Canadian television series "Lost Girl" is currently airing, and SyFy has confirmed that starting January 2012 it will be bringing the show to American audiences. Which means Canada's less polite neighbors to the south will have ample opportunity to get in on the ground floor.  "Lost Girls" claims that the Fae creatures of legend and folklore, from werewolves to the Morrigan, are real and secretly living among us.  Into this world, divided for millenia between the chaotic Dark and the rigid Light, comes Bo, a young fugitive who discovers she is a Succubus, a Fae who feeds off the life force of her sexual partners to the point of death. Trying to come to grips with a parasitical power that has claimed human lives, Bo refuses to be recruited by either side. More importantly for our discussion, Bo is a bisexual woman who in S1 has a torrid, troubled relationship with Lauren, a doctor/researcher who works for the Light as their medical/physiological expert. While secrets tear them apart, nothing can break the heavy sexual tension that has persisted into S2. While the number of Bo/Lauren fics out there is still small, we'll be talking to the one woman doing the most to change that. Heartsways wrote the quite long, rather dark, and very good "Ways to Tell You I'm Sorry", followed by the even longer, darker and better "Darkening the Light".  And she topped it off with the lighthearted "Super Sekrit Dialogue of Lauren and Bo". We'll discuss Bo/Lauren, the numerous obstacles in their way, and the future growth of the fandom.