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Alister Konrath

"Tough Love" A Sports Show.


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No participation trophies here. We all heard the nursery rhyme Sticks and Stones as kids, but the older we get, the more sensitive we've got. People need to toughen up, so I'm taking the kid gloves off, and dishing out some Tough Love to today's sports scene.

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Let's be clear.. As a Vikings fan, I'm not against the signing of Kirk Cousins, I'm just thinking they overpaid. There's 9 QB's in the NFL who are, hands down, better than Cousins, yet the Vikings paid him like he's the best. I realize the... more

So much for this being the NFL's downtime. That Alex Smith to Washington trade seems like 30 years ago! So much wheelin' and dealin' going on, it's hard to keep up... but I love it (and you should too)! NFL trades are usually pretty ho-hum,... more

Where is Kirk Cousins going? As expected, 4 teams are in the running. As a Vikings fan (one of the 4 teams), I'd like to have him, but only if two things happen.. I'll explain. Sometimes it just takes too long. NFL finally changes the... more

LeBron not recruiting folks to Cleveland should tell you something. James Harden's 224 reasons to be ridiculously happy. And the T-pups are a top-4 seed in the West. Amanda Nunes pulls outta UFC 213 because "she doesn't feel... more

CP3 to Houston!!! PG13 to OKC????????????????? Butler to the T-pups.. Then they trade Rubio to Utah... and bring in Jeff Teague!!!!! In the words of the iconic Vince Lombardi, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE!" And that's... more

As a Timberwolves fan since the beginning, I've been through my fair share of ridiculous drafts (Johnny Flynn) and deals (Joe Smith). But on Thursday night, the Timberwolves brass did the unexpected; they actually won a trade. Jimmy Butler... more

The Warriors beat the Cavs in convincing fashion, so what does this mean for both? The Warriors, if they can stay together, can be dominant for years to come. The Cavs need to do some shit. Do they trade Love? Do they trade up in the... more

I realize nobody outside of Cleveland (and me) want Cleveland to win, but wouldn't it be fun? And wha planet are we living on where we are now asking if Kevin Durant is better than LeBron James? You can guess what side I'm... more

Cavs seem to be in trouble, right? That is, until you look back to just last year and realize the Warriors beat down the Cavs in Game 1 & 2, too. It's not over, it just seems that way. Durant looks like a stud, and the Warriors played a perfect... more

And the NEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Errol Spence goes to Kell Brook's hometown and takes his IBF belt. As shakey as Spence looked for the first few rounds, you could see why there's so much hype surrounding this kid as the fight shifted to the late rounds.... more
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