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Gender Roles in this society, is feminism mainly to blame?

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Mack the Great wrote: As far as the gender roles in this society, it appears as thought that they've slowly changed over the last 30 years as we now have some women doing the roles of men being the breadwinners and providers for women and men doing the stay at home and take care of the house and kids role. Feminism is mainly to blame for this gender role reversal, and it affects our relationships and attitudes we have towards each other. The difference but relationship between gender roles and gender inequality is that women started Feminism in response to the male bias and unequal rights they were given by men, so they decided to take matters into their hands by trying to do both roles as male and female. Masculinity versus femininity is a gender power struggle that was started by us men, but worsened by women with feminist mindsets who have redefined those meanings for both genders. Being masculine is no longer being the provider and protector of women and being feminine is no longer being weak, submissive, and a stay at home mother but the total opposite of those things. 1.) Do you think gender roles are biologically innate or socially derived?(Personally I think it's a bit of both, but I'd rather hear your views before I launch into my zany theories...) 2.) Do you think that gender roles should be flexible or are they rigidly set? Why should it be this way, or why not? 3.) Are shifting gender roles good for male/female relations or are they detrimental? Explain why? 4.) Do gender roles have a social purpose? Explain what that purpose is? 5.) Do gender roles harm an individual's value as a unique person, or does it enhance it? How? 6.) Do gender roles socially hurt or benefit either or both genders? Aksel Radio, Real Radio... Real Fun!