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Well it looks like Republicans have ALL but given up and the Obama Administation plans on moving forward with all of its destructive policies! Conservatives are in a state of CHAOS and it seem like the LEFT is winning!... more

Join @gskirocks and @airwavesamerica tonight at 9pm Eastern as we discuss the most up to date current events happening around the world! we also will be have the Oh So Awesome Sue from New Mexico for some very important... more

Well President Obama has submitted his budget and NOBODY really likes it! Not even people in his own party! So tonight we will be discussing Obama's budget and what is good and bad about it! So join @gskirocks and @airwavesamerica... more

So Republicans won in November...BIG TIME but did they REALLY? They have already let us down and their votes shows this! It is TIME FOR SOME ACTION! Our voices need to be heard! So join @gskirocks and... more

With President Obama addressing the nation on Tuesday January 21st, we are going to review and discuss his State of the Union Address. Is President Obamam really looking out for MAINSTREET and the MIDDLE CLASS or is this more... more

After the attack in Paris, now the world has come to recognize Islam's war on the freedom of speech! Let's talk about it! So join @gskirocks & @airwavesamerica tonight at 9pm Eastern as we talk about it!

It's now 2015! A New Year with NEW STUFF and NEW BATTLES to Fight! Yup...that's right, we are READY to get down with the GET DOWN! There's a NEW Congress (same Speaker of the House though)...will anything get... more

All I want for Christmas is a GOVERNMENT that respresents WE THE PEOPLE! For many years, not just the past 6 years of Obama but for a VERY long time our government has NOT represented us...WE THE PEOPLE! In 2015 we will see a... more

Well...we have Ferguson (Michael Brown), Staten Island (Eric Garner), Immigration, the U.S. Army Early Retirement Scandal, the Attorney General nominee and so on! Is our government (local and federal) truly trying to do... more