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Mariana Cooper

The Aha! Moments Radio Show


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The Aha! Moments Radio Show is dedicated to the inspiration, education and celebration of Enlightened Entrepreneurs Worldwide!

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Have you ever felt like you are straddling two worlds? Dabbling in energy and spirituality but feeling guilty about trying something different than prayer? Wondering which works better? If by doing one you weaken the effects of the... more

We have all been told that having patience is a virtue and that we should wait in hope for things to come to complete fruition. However in the non-linear world of multi-dimensional manifesting with your parallel realities, patience can actually... more

Whenever we go to tackle a new challenge, we look back to our past first for points of reference and indicators of if we can go forward or not. While this is a traditional approach it really is not as important as so many say it is. When you... more

Have you ever felt trapped in situations due to other people, circumstances or situations that seem like they are beyond your control? Longed to feel free and relieved of pressures that hit you throughout your day? Wished that other... more

We often hear that we are made up of energy. Or that someone has good energy or bad energy. But what does that actually mean? How does energy actually work? Is there really such a thing as good energy or bad energy? Can you... more

If you have ever been frustrated and feeling like your manifesting is going slow or at a standstill you are not alone. Maybe you feel like you have tried all sorts of techniques but don't know what else to do? If you are working with your parallel... more

We all have been there, when we have worked so long on a manifesting project and feel so close, yet so far. That bit of doubt can change the final stages of your frequency so quickly! So you don't want to quit right before the miracle... more

Feeling lost? Tired? Numb? Or just like things are on auto-pilot with no really inspiration? If so, be sure to listen in to this show! Your joy will show you the way. That may seem far fetched, but life is wired with a powerful energetic... more

It is so easy to have a collection of things to do, people to care for and situations to manage. And in our hyper scheduled lives, it can often feel like there is just no time to stop and care for ourselves. Most of us know about a bit about self care.... more