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Mariana Cooper

The Aha! Moments Radio Show


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The Aha! Moments Radio Show is dedicated to the inspiration, education and celebration of Enlightened Entrepreneurs Worldwide!

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Welcome to 2017! The year of Fresh Starts and New Beginnings! I am so excited to be on the otherside of this new year and we now have a tremendous opportunity to harness the new energy like never before. Ready to take Your... more

As predicted, the world is going through huge changes and life is not as we have known it to be on the physical plane. The big acceleration forward is well under way. Regardless of what side of things you are on there is a much... more

Have you ever wanted a really specific thing or person in your life? Done everything you know how but it doesn't seem to be coming together? Feel worried, frantic or despondent about not getting what you are trying to manifest... more

If you have been working hard on your manifesting projects, you may find yourself looking for some sort of evidence that your prayers have been heard and that your desires are in the process of being delivered. If you rely on just your physical... more

Have you ever been feeling really great, uplifted and in a good mood overall, then have a conversation with someone and by the end feel really rotten? Are you great at being a good listener, supportive friend, helpful advocate but then feel... more

Have you ever failed at something? Felt like you missed your mark and desperately wanted a second chance? We have all been there! And life has a way of giving us second chances, especially in the areas that are most... more

Do you ever feel exhausted with life in general? Feeling pulled in a bunch of different directions, confused about certain people in your world and wondering if they have your best interest at heart? Tired of analyzing, going around and... more

The idea of focusing on what you desire and having it come to you is not a new one. But how well can it work without you taking the bull by the horns and "making it happen?" There is a fine line between doing too much and doing too... more

We are starting our fall season! And I am excited to share all sorts of new stuff with you! Have you ever been told that negative emotions, frustration and anger plus a variety of other often hard to control things can bring your manifesting... more

We are always setting intention, asking for guidance and looking for evidence right? But how is your Higher Self, Guides and Angels answering you back? The world is constantly sending your messages via signs symbols... more