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Mariana Cooper

The Aha! Moments Radio Show


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The Aha! Moments Radio Show is dedicated to the inspiration, education and celebration of Enlightened Entrepreneurs Worldwide!

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Have you been working really hard on manifesting what you want most? Feeling like you are so close yet so far? Not sure what more you can or should do? The answer may just be "nothing." Manifesting can often become quite complicated if... more

Have you ever tried really hard to succeed at something and missed? Tired to the bone, of trying to reach a goal that just seems to always get snatched away? Feel in your heart that you want to complete something but feel defeated before... more

When you step into focusing on energetic frequency and manifesting work, the processes can be quite counter intuitive right? Have you been trying to have faith and believe that things will turn out the way you want them to but are secretly... more

Are you holding back your good rewards because you feel stuck in mistakes and shortcomings of the past? Have you ever felt so bogged down by life that you don't feel like you can take a stable step forward? It happens to everyone at one... more

Regardless of what you desire, one of the biggest key to success in your manifesting is your own willingness to receive what you are asking for. Are you open to receive? This may sound like a dumb question but in the world of... more

We have all been there. Sometimes we put off something that we know we should get done and put our goals, dreams and desires on an extended delay. When we put things on hold, we put a block in our frequency. This block is laced with... more

The new year is always about making big changes in our lives. But in most cases by the time we get to February, the inspiration is already gone and we are back to our old comfort zones. Well now is not the time to give up! Change can... more

The year is winding down and it is easy to get really caught up in the holidays and all of the preparations that are ahead. And of course we can't help but start to reflect on how the year has been and what we have accomplished or... more

Ever feel impatient or even despondent about when your manifesting projects are going to come to fruition? You are not alone. But you may be looking for the wrong signs altogether. The true signs that are letting you know that you are... more

Have you ever had a detailed plan of how you were visualizing things to transpire only for all sorts of the unexpected events to delay your success? Well don't despair, because when it comes to manifesting and working with energetic... more