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We could save America overnight with these JOBS

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We all know America is doomed unless we return to core economic values and we know the economy is presently in ruins. Jobs would be one small step to accomplishing restoration. That could be accomplished literally over-night. If we did not have a Slacker in Chief who wants to see America implode, this would have been accomplished long ago. Energy is what keeps us from living in Mud Huts making sharp sticks.” Keep repeating that to every policy-maker you meet. Let’s see some info you can give them, shall we? Since Oil was discovered in Pennsylvania in the mid- 1800′s, THE ENTIRE WORLD has used roughly 1-Trillion Barrels of oil. The “Green River Oil Shale Deposit” (“Google” that to learn more) contains an estimated 2-TRILLION BARRELS of recoverable oil. And it sits on Federal Land. (We own it). One totally new Industry can be created to harvest and refine it, using BIG AMERICAN COMPANIES that employ millions of workers: TUNE in and listen or join in as we speak about how to Save America.