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Here By DeSign with SE Scott


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Here By DeSign, a show that discusses the challenges, confrontations, and realities of life with applications from the Bible, poetry, prose, and music.

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It has been a while since broadcasting and we will discuss what has been going on with the broadcast, in the world and in the spiritual realm. There is a lot to talk about so we will expand our minds and open our hearts to learn the lessons we... more

There are so many unanswered questions that rise up in life. One that we will explore in this episode is relationships and resources. We need and desire both in our lives, but which one trumps the other? We will use biblical scripture, poetry... more

Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows; times when we are surrounded with family and friends and times when we are all alone. It is during the alone times that can be most challenging if we do not know who we truly are Who are we?... more

We all know about the carrot dangling in front of us as we run with our tongues hanging out trying to catch what seems unattainable. But have we ever stopped to think that the things we seek after are not the things we should be chasing?... more

Gentleness and kindness are great qualities to have in life. Add a smile to the two and you have a triple combination that can make someone else's day. Kindness has the power to change someone's perspective about life. It can open a... more

We know that forgiveness is not an easy stance, but it is a necessary one. It is vital to our health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Why forgive? Because we set yourselves free when we let go of what's tieing us down. In this... more

What is missing in our life? We can't put our finger on it. If we wrote a list we couldn't narrow the list down. Whether we admit it or not; there is a pervading emptiness (regardless of what we have or do not have) that only God can fill. He... more

Hope versus Hopelessness Did you know that we serve a God of hope? It never runs out. Often world conditions, stress, family issues and finances are some of the things that drive us to despair and hopelessness. This is why we ask:... more

Have you ever heard the line, "God doesn't make junk!". Did you know that that statement is true? Everything that God made is special, beautiful, and unique in and of itself. That includes you and that includes me. In this broadcast we... more

What is the WOW factor about God's love? This is the topic of our discussion for our broadcast. Join us as we explore the details of God's love through scriptures, poetry, prose and music. Call in any time during the program at (646) 716-4757.... more