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Afterlife Paranormal Satire Audio Drama


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Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? So have Jimmy & Karen — and today they're going to find out. After being asleep for more than twenty years, Jimmy Jennings has awoken from a coma, dead, in Los Angeles. He’d been ready to go for a while, but now that he’s gone… Where does he go? In a neighborhood across town, Karen, a young woman who has (finally, after years of doggedly pursuing her dreams) become a celebrity, struggles to shake off the last of her old habits of self-sabotage and vice. Pulled back into the fray by a surprise visit from Richard, a toxic but influential acquaintance who just won’t let go (especially now that Karen is famous), Karen accepts a bribe despite a niggle in the back of her mind that Richard isn’t to be trusted. Old friends, past missteps and memories coalesce into an afterlife experience that leaves Karen and Jimmy both wondering just how much of life as we know it is really real, and whether the truth about that is even important. Come and spend a day in the life… Afterlife. The Afterlife Podcast is a paranormal satire performed by the author, Maxximillian Dafoe (Mollyville, Daughter & The Snake). Afterlife Paranormal Audio Drama is based on the second book in the Bedtime Stories for the Intellectually Adventurous series, currently available in the Amazon bookstore, coming soon to iTunes, Audible and everywhere books and audiobooks are sold. While not overly explicit in nature, the story of AFTERLIFE employs dark humor and frank language. It is intended for a mature audience.

On-Demand Episodes

Forgotten reminded forgiven and healed. This is the conclusion. All is revealed.

Karen arrives at the Afterlife, is greeted by a surprising number of familiar faces - some more fresh in her memory than others, and is relieved to discover that (wherever she is) drinks are free. Poetic Feature: "What Can I Say" Musical... more

Karen and Richard mingle among Cassandra's party guests. Unsavory characters lurk in the shadows. Richard makes Karen another offer she can't refuse. What's your policy on the truth? Do you believe in the validity of a half-truth?... more

Cassandra's party is in full swing. Jimmy explores his wardrobe options and gets a crash course in the limitlessness of positive expectation coupled with a creative mind. Topics If you could instantly go back to any age (but remain in the... more

The best time to remember what you dreamed about is upon waking. Are you picking up what your dreams are laying down? Learn how you can (and why it's important) to harness the power of your dreams. What do you do with your... more

Jimmy arrives at the afterlife; an old-timer breaks down the nature of human experience in terms we can all understand. Have you ever wondered what the afterlife looks like? Have you ever wondered where you go when you fall... more

After an entire day and night of binge drinking, Cassandra hits rock bottom. Dead Jimmy Jennings finds himself in a woman's bed for the first time in twenty years. Will he rise to the occasion? Or go out like a chump? Discussed in this... more

The Leventhal family ghosts show up at Cassandra's fancy cocktail party. Karen, unwittingly, makes contact with 'the other side'. The problems of hip-hop discussed; Karen advances an evolutionary theory. Ideas Advanced The... more

Karen uses her celebrity status to get herself and Richard invited into a rap mogul's house party where a hip-hop legend makes a surprise appearance. Karen and Richard crash Cassandra's open house; Karen recognizes a... more

Against her better judgement Karen accepts Richard's bribe to gatecrash a popular rap mogul's Beverly Hills garden party. Music in this episode is from Otis McDonald: Rich Man In The Sky Mentioned in this episode… How to heal... more