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ELENIN The Black Star-How U Can C It What Is It's Purpose

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Link and passowrd on Dr Ali Muhammads Facebook Page @ 8:55pm This show will detail 100% mathematical accuracy on what Elenin is

NASA has known about ELENIN since 1983 with its IRAS satelittle Launch to view Infrared Objects

The proof from JPL Scientists and Recorded interviews and News Articles from 5 newspapers

Why is it that people cannot view elenin?

Its Infrared Capacity as a Black Star 

How to view it on Google Sky

What or who is Guiding it

Discussion from a 1964 leter from The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his discussion on this Star

The Aboriginal Records Discuss this star Ancient Egypt Ancient America Moors Dogon Sumer Ica Stones Bible and Qur'an

What is the Purpose of This Star in relation to fixing earths suns Magnetic Field

How is all of this effecting global climate and what is the ultimate result

Where are the Safe Havens?

Short Book : Elenin The Black Star of the Mahdi by Dr Ali Muhammad


1:45 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Peace! What's going on family? Welcome to another edition of Aboriginal radio. I'm your host for tonight, Dr. Aly Muhammad. This show is brought to you by the International Indigenous Society who sponsors Aboriginal radio for the express purpose of assisting indigenous people worldwide with understanding their heritage, their birth rites and where they're at in the chronology of time in regards to their duty to turn back Sankofa to their ancestry and begin to deal with taking responsibility for as much as they can take responsibility for with the level of knowledge that they have. We bring this particular show to enlighten us on that responsibility, so that we can move to our show tonight. It's a good one. We not only our own blog talk radio, but we are also live streaming at www.livestream.com\aboriginalglobalmediainc. Again, we are live streaming tonight at www.livestream.com\aboriginalglobalmediainc. The password is alibaba215.

3:35 Dr. Aly Muhammad

You can check the link on my facebook page for those of you, who might be showing, might be tuning in and you can get that. Someone is telling me that my link is bad. What I'll do is I'll repost that link on Facebook just for the listening audience, so that we won't have anyone that try to click on the link and they don't go to the right place, alright. So once again, you're listening to Aboriginal radio, your host, Dr. Aly Muhammad, and our show tonight is called "Elenin, the Black Star" and what we want to do tonight is show you that there had been 28-year cover-up in regards to what we're calling the Elenin phenomenon and we want to give you as much resource information as possible, so that you can crosscheck what we're saying and then possibly get a hold to what we considered to be the most important information that you could be attaining at this particular time, alright. So hopefully, my listeners online on live stream and they go back. And now, get that? There are some communication errors that we're still dealing with the effects of some cosmic energies, so hopefully they got that and we can move on.

5:34 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. So we're gonna jump right into it tonight. We are not gonna waste any time. For those of you who have been following what we're about to talk about, you're probably seeing something on YouTube or you know, other videos or presentations. We could do lectures, all kind of things, on this particular subject. I'm not here to rehearse already known information, alright? I'm here to give you the ability to understand and to crosscheck in what could be considered the most important information that you could ever get in your life and the reason why it's the most important information because it's pertinent to everything that has happened in the United States of America in the 20th century and the 21st century, particularly in this last year, the events that have occurred that are changing the way that we view our future, okay?

6:49 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I want to start off by saying that most of the information there I'm gonna bring specifically proves something that I've always had a feeling, an intuition about and that is that our people will never, never rise from the position that they've failed to, tripped over into without respecting the natural law that says that whenever a people fall and they want to change this circumstance, the satisfaction and they want to change the laws of nature, and laws of the creator of the universe say that they will give birth to the people to solve their problems from amongst themselves. So our tragedy has been turning away from the people who are and where, let's use this word "divinely prepared" to assist us with our situation, turning away from them and depending on others and not getting the results is our curse. So this presentation tonight is dedicated to the most honorable, Dr. Muhammad, because he is the source of the clarity on where I could and how I could actually do what I want to do tonight and what I'm gonna do tonight as I'm going prove that the National Aeronautics Space Administration, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and thus, many of the scientists associated with them are either ignorant of participating in the greatest cover-up in the history of the modern world and that cover-up is not an extinction level event.

8:48 Dr. Aly Muhammad

That cover-up is that they know that Elenin is not a comet. They have known about it for 28 years and there's nothing that can do about whatever is going on because they are trying to get some clarity themselves, aright? And if they listen to this show, they're gonna get that clarity. So the clarity is simple, Elenin is not a comet. That's our first proposal. Our next proposal is that it is a star, alright? It is a star and that particular star is being guided into our local solar system. It is not a comet trajectory half-hazard event or even so called natural event of the moving of orb like a comet into our solar system. It is a guided, what we would call a black star, what they might call an infrared brown dwarf, alright? And that star is being guided into this particular solar system to fix a problem, a very old problem. I have already a documentary on this. I'll have it on the website tomorrow in New York. I'll do a part of this presentation as well, so that we can begin to get this information out because it's pertinent to everything that we're doing in ISIS with the rise of indigenous peoples which I am saying is not only the will of some indigenous peoples, but should be the will of everybody on the planet based on the fact that what we will bring will be the best science in natural law governing system for humanity. Not to propel it upon people, but to get people to consider that true government is people, it is people, alright?

10:49 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And to break the cycle of this death, into death that is on people. So again, I'm on live stream so I will be talking about things that I'm showing tonight. So if you're listening in and you called in, the calling number is (646) 381-4991 and you're listening on internet radio, you can also go to livestream.com\aboriginalglobalmediainc and type in the password alibaba215. That link is also on our Facebook page, dralimuhammad. I'm gonna start off with NASA's proposal in 2010, December, that a comet named Elenin or C\2010 X1 had entered into our solar system and apparently now, it's between the orb of Venus and Earth. Now many people have been questioning, "Why can't we see this thing? Why can't we see it? NASA is hiding something. Why can't we see it?" What NASA is hiding or maybe what some scientist you know, some of them don't know, but definitely somebody knows. It's that you can't see it with your eyes that you're trying to see unless you have a powerful eye beyond that so called visible spectrum because it is an infrared object, alright?

12:27 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So let me go to some of my slides, so I can actually lay down what we want to discuss tonight and do it in a way that it will allow for this presentation to be clear, alright. So the presentation, "Elenin, the black star" and I even put it up on, "It's not a comet. NASA, quit lying niggers". For those of you who are watching, I can see that you have in the background on the slide, background slide, Google sky which I'm gonna walk you through how you can see this object and what you need to do and where it is, where it's location is, okay? So the first thing that I want to say is that I have a number of sources and I'm gonna name all of them right now. I have people, I have articles that were published 28 years ago. I have other things that I'm gonna mention briefly, alright. My first source is Dr. Gerry Neugebauer, the IRAS chief scientist and the JPL scientist. IRAS stands for Infrared Astronomical Satellite which was launched in 1983. We're gonna talk about a little bit about that. JPL stands for Jet Propulsion Laboratory which is imaging, responsible for imaging for satellites, NASA and other things, alright. Even if Dr. Gerry Neugebauer reneged on his statement that he made in 1983, I'm going to read his statements that he made. His statement is his reneging on them will mean nothing after I bring this important information if you were to do that. Dr James Hook of Cornell University Center of Radiophysics and Space Research was also in the IRAS team. He is also a JPL scientist at that time. We also have four newspapers that were reported in 1983.

14:20 Dr. Aly Muhammad

The information from the interviews with Dr. Gerry Neugebauer and Dr. James Hook of Cornell University. The first is Washington Post, December 30th 1983. Next is the Deseret News, Salt Lake City Utah, Friday, December 30th 1983. The title of that particular article was "Space Mysteries: Object found by orbiting scope could be big comet, young galaxy or a 10th planet," alright. We're gonna show you those articles as well because I have those articles in print and also, we have the Milwaukee Journal, same day, Friday, December 30th 1983, "Large object in space has puzzled, scientist puzzled. Next, we have the Calgary Herald, Friday, December 30th 1983 as well, "Heavenly body: A mystery". The next source we have is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. A letter he wrote to one of his students, Johnny X boy. I believe that was in 1964. Somebody can correct me because the letter doesn't have a date on it, but I have the letter about him teaching Johnny X boy that his teacher taught him that a star would be brought into the solar system and the object was to fix some problems with the Earth's magnetic field and we know that that is related to what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad also taught about the moon or Luna, Earth, Mars catastrophe. He described that as the deportation of the moon and this is also discussing the Aboriginal records as well and we have also the Mars Global Surveyor pictures from the JPL to prove that these events actually took place.

16:10 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Next, we have the Google Sky Telescope. I'm gonna show how to use Google Sky to go on and search it before something happen and take it off and then, I'll show you how to go outside and when to go outside and with the proper equipment which might cause you about a $100. You can view this object yourself. You're gonna need some infrared equipment to do that. Next, the visual ability to see the object which what I'm gonna be talking about. So these are my sources, two scientists who took interviews and said that the object was there, their reports and the reports of four newspapers in 1983 when this object was first seen, a direct quote from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad 20 years prior to these articles and interviews talking about the star being brought into the solar system. Your ability to go the Google Sky Telescope online and see it with some instructions and then the last one is the most important, the ability to outside with a simple infrared telescope, which again will only cost you about $100 or some high-powered binoculars and see the object yourself. It its there, okay? So again, if anybody just coming in on blog talk, we are showing slides with us. So if I mention something and I'm showing pictures, I'm talking about those pictures. Now, I'm gonna quote a part of this letter from Johnny X boy that he provided excuse me, the message is provided to Johnny X Boy. Like I said, the year might be off a year to 1964 is the year that I have. Alright. I'm not gonna read the whole article because it's not long, but it's loaded with so much information. Brother and sisters, this is just remarkable.

17:59 Dr. Aly Muhammad

However, keep in mind that what I'm reading is 20 years prior to the scientist reporting it and it's also 47 years prior to seeing the object now where the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was taught by another man that this was going to happen and not only was he taught that it was going to happen, he was taught why it was going to happen and this information was first brought to black people in the hills of North America to do what? To teach them about their lineage what they have lost knowledge of and to raise them from their mental death and to show them proof that the white man's world is over through. Its power is gone. It's not a power in the sense of using military savvy or anything of that nature right now. This is vitally important for every black person in the United States of America to understand. Even though we still get hit upside the head, it's because we are not responding to the time properly. That is why and we need people to get this type of message out, so that we can make it clear. If anyone of you would like to challenge me on this information, I'm open to a public dialogue on this. I'm not teaching anything that is non-verifiable, alright. I got to bring along with you intuitive energy, the very mercurial energy so that we can understand that this is not a joke and it can't be, you know marginalized into some spookism.

19:57 Dr. Aly Muhammad

__19:56__ the letter that I'm about to read from Johnny X boy and this is the direct quote from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in this letter. He states, "Allah taught me that he will bring back the moon back to its rightful place and that for a moon, we will use a particular star. We will have no need for that old type of moon for this star will have power to contain and hold out waters as well as another planet. He said that there will even be a form of new life from our waters. This will be the life of a new covering for the Earth. As you already know, the devil has destroyed the beautiful covering she once had," alright. So this is the quote and again, he is saying that this star being brought into our solar system and it will replace the location or our moon in order to act on the earth to repair problem. For those of you who have heard out prior lectures on pole shift, Earth cataclysm and other things, you know that there is nobody on earth going into this subject of climatology and what's going on with the Earth like we are and this is the information that facilitates buttressing the meaning of what is going on in the universe. Yes, it is amazing. Yes, it's far-out, but yes it is as accurate as you going outside to see it happening right now.

21:37 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Well, right now, you had to be up around 5 o'clock to see this particular object, but suffice to say this is very real and this is very important to me because this is a man that I have an awesome level of respect for, for the work that he has done for black people and the slander, the misunderstanding that was laid upon him is just terrible in the sense of, you know, somewhat coming to teach the people who had no knowledge of themselves. Alright, so let's go on. That is Johnny X boy letter or a quote from it. The next thing that we have to understand is NASA's cover-up. Now, you can look this information up. It's pretty simple. You can go straight to the IRAS website. They have website for IRAS. IRAS is again Infrared Astronomical Satellite. It was launched in January of 1983. Its purpose was to take infrared images of space. Infrared means imaging below the red frequency of the visible spectrum, meaning that anything infrared is virtually invisible to the average human sight. So you cannot go outside with a regular telescope and see what I'm gonna show you and I'm gonna show you why. I'm gonna give you the mathematics of it. You will need certain equipment to see it. This is why Elenin has not been seen. But in 1983, it was seen, alright, and it was seen and charted and they were trying to figure out what is this thing, alright.

23:24 Dr. Aly Muhammad

IRAS photographed an object that was alleged to be 50 trillion miles from Earth. They might seem like a long way in space, but it's actually short and that time because it was 50 trillion miles away from the Earth, this object was considered a part of our solar system as it was being viewed by the scientist. It was thought to be a planet, a brown dwarf or the initial phase of a small galaxy. They really couldn't tell because they had never seen anything like it. One of the key things was it was not moving. It was not in an orbit. It was still and was considered one of the most mysterious objects that they had ever found. Now, what I want to do now is read from some of these articles and then come out and show you in Google sky where this object is and then let's progress on and then I'm gonna tell you why it's there. First article I want to read I'm gonna actually go to the article, alright. This article is Montreal Gazette, alright, I'm gonna give chance to make this a little bigger so you could read along with me. You can see the original article, alright. Let's scroll up to the top so can see the Montreal Gazette. Again, if you follow me online, we're on live stream, live streaming this particular information. Hopefully, you can see this. We're recording this, so we will be able to add this to the DVD material. Again, this is the Montreal Gazette, Friday, December 30th 1983. This paper was in its 206th year, alright. You could see it was 35 cents. Dollar has fallen.

25:25 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. Let's go down to the article. I'm gonna read directly from the article. What it says, title of the article. This title of the article was taken from the Washington Post "Mysterious heavenly body found closed to Earth, Washington. A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of the solar system has been found by an orbiting telescope called the Infrared Astronomical Observatory. So mysterious is the object that astronomers do not know if it is a planet, a nearby protostar that never got hot enough to become a star, a distant galaxy so young that it is still in the process of forming its first star or a galaxy so shrouded in dust that none of the light cast by its stars ever gets through. All I can tell you is that we don't know what it is," Dr. Gerry Neugebauer, IRAS chief scientist for California Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The most fascinating explanation of this mysterious body which is so cold, it has no light and has never been seen by optical telescopes on Earth or in space is that it is a giant gaseous planet as large as Jupiter and it is close to Earth as 80 trillion kilometers which equal to about 50 trillion miles. While that may seem like a great distance in Earth bound terms, it's a stone's throw in cosmological terms so close, in fact, that it would be the nearest heavenly body to Earth beyond the outermost planet, Pluto.

27:14 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Sidebar, Pluto was degraded by the International Astronomical Union as a planet allegedly because of its size. But what is not being stated is that the object that was causing perturbations on Neptune and that was identified in 1930 is not the object that they are identifying as Pluto, alright. We know this from our book of Supreme Wisdom Lessons where Pluto is the third largest planet or not Pluto excuse me, Platoon is the third largest planet in our solar system and we also know that what they are calling Pluto is not the same thing that Master W. Fard Muhammad called Platoon, two different objects, alright, that's important. I'm gonna continue reading, "Whatever it is said Dr. James Hook, a member of IRAS science team, the mystery body is so cold its temperature is no more than 40�� above absolute 0�� which is 450��F below 0��," alright. Sidebar again, it's the reason why it's that cold because of the need to use cold fusion to bring the object in like that. I'm gonna continue reading, "I believe it's one of the dark young galaxy that we have never been able to observe before," Neugebauer said. If it is, then it is a major step forward in our understanding of the size of the universe, how the universe are formed and how it continues to form as time goes on, alright. So that's the first article from The Montreal Gazette.

29:02 Dr. Aly Muhammad

There are several other articles. I want to take note of a few of them. This is from the Deseret News in Salt Lake City Utah, alright. The title of the article is "Space Mysteries: Object found by orbiting scope could be big comet, young galaxy or a 10th planet," alright. For those of you who are following just so can you could see again that we are dealing with the Deseret News, we'll give you a view of top page Salt Lake City Utah alright, volume number 199. Paper was at that time and is 134th year, the Deseret News, Salt Lake City Utah, Friday December 30th of 1983, alright? Follow me as we go back down to the article and read what they have to say. Space mysteries: Object found by orbiting scope could be big comet, young galaxy or a 10th planet. An orbiting telescope has located a mysterious object in space that could be a giant comet, a protostar, a young galaxy or the 10th planet astronomers have searched for in vain, it was reported Friday. The Washington Post said the mysterious body, which could be as large as the planet Jupiter and as close to the Earth as 50 trillion miles, was located twice this year near the constellation Orion by the orbiting Infrared Astronomical Observatory. The object defies classification. Astronomers do not know whether to call it a planet, a giant comet, a protostar or a distant galaxy. Some scientists think it might be a huge gaseous planet. If the object were 50 trillion miles away, it would be the nearest planet to Earth beyond the outermost member of the solar system, Pluto. James Houck, of Cornell University's Center for Radio Physics and Space Research and a member of the IRAS science team, told the Post, "If it is really that close, it would be a part of our solar system."

31:10 Dr. Aly Muhammad

The orbiting telescope located the body twice when it scanned the northern sky from January to November, the Post said. The second observation occurred six months after the first, suggesting the body had not moved from its original location. I am going to read that again, that is important. The second observation occurred six months after the first, suggesting the body had not moved from its original location. There was a planet and it was a Nibiru as discussed by some people, it would take this orbit and it would be moving but based on their two observations at the time, the object was not moving from its original location, alright? That's important to the point of it is guided by advanced beings. This object, the star is being moved. We're going to show it to you. The telescope aboard IRAS can detect objects in space that are 20 degrees above absolute zero, which is 456 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Houck calculated the body's highest temperature is no more than 40 degrees above absolute zero.

33:02 Dr. Aly Muhammad

He speculated the body could be distant galaxy, so young its stars do not shine and so covered with dust that its starlight cannot penetrate the thickness. After the first sighting of the object, there was some speculation it might be moving towards the Earth, the Post said. "It's not incoming mail," said Gerry Neugebauer, IRAS chief scientist for California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and director of the Palomar Observatory for the California Institute of Technology, "I want to douse that idea with as much cold water as I can." Neugebauer told the Post the 100-inch diameter telescope at Cerro del Tololo in Chile has begun looking for the object and the 200-inch telescope at Palomar Mountain in California will search for it several nights next year. Alright, so that is the article from The Deseret News. Alright, we went over to Montreal Gazette. Next, you have The Milwaukee Journal. Large object in space has scientists puzzled, alright? A large, mysterious object in space possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope. Astronomers don't know whether it is a planet, a giant comet, a nearby protostar that never got hot enough to become a star, a distant galaxy so young that it is still in the process of forming or a galaxy so shrouded in dust that none of the light cast by its stars ever gets through. "All I can tell you is that we don't know what it is," said Gerry Neugebauer, chief scientist of the Infrared Astronomical Observatory satellite for California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and director of the Palomar Observatory for the California Institute of Technology. The most fascinating explanation of this mystery object, which is so cold it casts no light and has never been seen by optical telescopes on Earth or in space, is that it is a gaseous planet as large as Jupiter and as close to the Earth as 50 trillion miles.

35:15 Dr. Aly Muhammad

That would make it the nearest heavenly body to the Earth beyond the outermost planet, Pluto. "If it is really that close, it would be a part of our solar system," said James Houck of Cornell University's Center for Radio Physics and Space Research and a member of the project's science team. The orbiting telescope found the body twice when it scanned the northern sky from January to November. The second observation occurred six months after the first, suggesting that the body had not moved from its original location. "This suggests it's not a comet because a comet would not be as large as the one we've observed and a comet would probably have moved," Houck said. It's not a comet. The telescope aboard the satellite can detect objects in space that are only 20 degrees above absolute zero, which in Fahrenheit temperature is 456 degrees below zero. I'm not going to keep reading all these. I have these -- I'm going to open up my chat. I have these inside of the documentary, excuse me. I am going to open up the chat room. There is something I forgot to do just so you all can communicate if you all want to do that, so I can monitor when we do our question and answer. What I want to do now is go to some location and give you the ability to look this object up on Google Sky, alright? So I'm going to open up the chat just so you all can have that. Again, if you are just tuning in, we are live streaming as well as operating on Blog Talk Radio. Our call-in number is 646-381-4991.

37:02 Dr. Aly Muhammad

We are live streaming. If you got my Facebook page, Dr Aly Muhammad, you can click on the link with the password. The link is www.livestream.com/aboriginalglobalmediainc, password alibaba215, alright? Anybody who wants to tune in can tune in. Alright, so let us now -- let us go to Google Sky. Now when you go to Google Sky, the easy way to get this object is to go to the search which I am showing right now and you can put it Mercury and do a search and you will bring up Mercury. Mercury is over here. Alright, and I am going to go over by Mercury a little bit, just pull Mercury over here. Now we know that the Google Sky technology is based on the Google Sky Telescopes which are data that is set by NASA. Alright, give me a little bit of time to move this around a little bit. What I want to do now is show you where we are. Now over here is Mercury. You see the sign forward, if I zoom in you could see it. What I'm going to do now is take the sky imaging and put it into infrared. You can almost see the object. Over here to your left is the sun. The sun is right on top of the star Regulus, alright? It is in Leo, no it is not in Virgo to a Greek astrologist. The sun is in Leo right now and it is right on top of the star Regulus. I will be able to show you that but if you look at this image, you cannot see what is called Elenin yet but if I take it into the infrared spectrum and my computer is going berserk now, alright but it is the Mercury over there, Mercury help me out. I need you to be on my side.

39:20 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I am taking into the infrared spectrum. Now, for those of you who are viewing online, take note of what you are saying. What you are looking at is a black star literally between the orbits of Venus and Earth. Now we know this not Mercury, it is not Venus, it is not Mars, it is no Jupiter, it is not Saturn, it s not Neptune, it is Uranus and how we know that is on Google Sky if you type in a planet, the symbol comes up and then you can use this little zoom in bar over here on the left and you can get closer to the object. But here you just have object that can be only be seen when you activate the infrared aspect of the telescope and it is a black object because it is not allowing any light to escape from itself. It is not the sun, which the sun is over here. Let me use my historical band, there is a historical band that can show the constellations. Let us turn that on and I will show you right at the part of Leo in the left. On the left, you have the star Regulus. I showed you that, alright? Give me a moment and let me slide this over a little bit. Here you see R-E-G-U-L-U-S, Regulus, and if I take off a historical band and show in the constellations, take that off a little bit, you will see that glowing object in the background, right there on top of Regulus is the sun, right? It was a part of the reason why you are having some of these earthquakes along with Elenin, alright? But let us take out infrared back off and what we are going to be able to show you is you can see Mercury, you can see the sun, you can now see what they are calling a comet which is really a black star, as in black star, Marcus Garvey black star. But when I take the infrared off, I can show you how easily this object will no longer be viewable, alright? Back on, it is viewable, take the object off, it disappears, nearly disappears, alright?

42:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So you see the background, this background black thing that you cannot see if you go outside and look. Now let me tell you brothers and sisters, this is not only the most amazing depiction of what is going on in the heavens for you. This is the most important moment of your life if you are listening because this means that there are people who have brought this object into space, our local space. It was talked about 47 years ago, NASA covered it up 28 years ago. Now it comes in and they give us this report. Let us go to the NASA page, they are telling you, "You made have heard of news. Comet Elenin is coming to the inner solar system this fall. Comet Elenin, know by its astronomical name C/2010 X1, was first detected on December 10, 2010 by Leonid Elenin. They are lying like a __43:03__ straight up. It is a big ass lie. Now we know that this star that I am showing on Google Sky right now in the infrared band came out of the constellation Leo, we know that. We know that NASA uses code of language, we know that. We know that if it came out of the constellation Leo, and we have this person named Leo Elenin, we know that it is a possibility that this is a code communication amongst the military intelligence of this country, and if it is a code intelligence and it is give you the location, Leonid Elenin, we have already seen that Elenin, E.L.E stands for Extinction Level Event.

44:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

But this is not an Extinction Level Event in the sense that most people understand it, alright? This is actually an event to avoid the Extinction Level Events that would have taken place because of the Tectonics Theory that the Earth is under that was caused many, many millennia ago. So again you are looking at this black star as we speak. This is the first time that Elenin has been seen by anyone who is really telling you what it is, okay? Now, let us give you the astronomical coordinates. You are going to look for nearly 9 hours and 48 minutes, alright? 9 hours and 48 minutes is what we call right ascension. That would be approximately 147 degrees from the celestial meridian line that sets the vernal equinox which run through Pisces, alright? And you have 13 degrees 19 minutes 31.7 seconds of declination, alright? It is declination above the celestial equator. So essentially at night, if you wanted to see this, you would have to wake up around 5:45, have some binoculars or infrared telescope, a small one, you can get one from binoculars.com, alright? 100 bucks and you can go outside at around 5:45 anytime between 5:30, 5:45 going up into the sunrise which is around 6:25 and look at this object.

46:08 Dr. Aly Muhammad

It is between Cancer and Leo right now. Again, 9 hours 48 minutes right ascension, 13 degrees 19 minutes 31.7 seconds of declination above the celestial equator. It is right on the zodiacal ecliptic, alright? This is very important. Now, with that being said, you know how to go Google Sky and see this for yourself. IRAS, the Infrared Astronomical Satellite detected this infrared object 28 years ago. It is not a comet, alright? And it is -- and has been as the Russians stated, it has been intelligently guided into the solar system. That is ultimately important. It was recorded in four newspapers 28 years ago. Scientists were baffled by it. They did not know what it was. We know what it is literally without any guessing. So as we look at Elenin and see that it is not a comet, it is what we call a black start, what they will call a brown dwarf. We have located it at 9 hours 48 minutes right ascension 13 degrees declination between Cancer and Leo, how you can see it going outside at around 5 o' clock in the morning right now, when Cancer is right in just above the horizon before the sun rises you can use your binoculars, infrared or infrared telescope to see it.

48:05 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Not only is it important to see in it now, but this was talked about, this is why we cannot disrespect our ancestors. The Olmec-Mayan direct lineage of our ancestry talked about it and called it the Bolon Tiku, which is the nines gods that descended or returned at the end of the 13th Baktun, were coming up on that time, alright? The Dogon called it the return of the Nommos. The return of the Nommos was when the ancestors would return. These are advanced beings who are very much human but very much advanced. In fact, they have never left. Sometimes we call them the Monitors. In Ancient Egypt, we call it the Solar Bark of Ray with letters going up on this particular object. In Sumer, we gave various names to it. One of the current names is Nibiru. In the Bible, it is called the Hammoud in the Exodus the so called pillar of fire that is in the cloud that was guiding Israel or Yasha'a Allah and because we don't know what papyrus is to look for to see these things, we think this is a myth. So we think that we are going to allow some new ages to tell us -- you know, some Persians had this story before us. It is a joke. The Bible is the poison book but its events can be transcribed, excuse me, correlated to really advance in history, I am probably the only one that could do that but we have been working to do that for a number of years.

50:04 Dr. Aly Muhammad

The book of the Sigui is called the __50:06__ which are the wheels, alright? Not necessarily this particular object but the wheels are real and in the Qur'an, it is called the Arsh and given another name as well. Our history is records this -- and this is just the spot. I did not even go to the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Any of the other texts, there is so many texts that talk about not only this period but what was going on? What is going on? And then to have someone directly to come from these advanced beings to teach us. That is the greatest honor that you could have, alright? So with this opposition that the teaching of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was sent directly from these advanced beings, and he came and dropped on us to a greatest tube that ever could be dropped, the fact that you are the god of your own destiny. That you are a self-created being to teach you that you are ultimately responsible for whatever your lineage has done and now it is time to fix the problem and you still want to eat cheese grits and sausages when somebody is saying clean up your act. But that is a choice that you have and you will suffer the consequences for that particular choice. Alright, so let us come out of that. Now we are back on Elenin again, infrared object. Now, why is this here? Why is this object here? What is the purpose of this particular object? You need to go back and listen to our presentation that we did that is called earthquakes coming to a theater near you. We did that presentation, April 17, 2011.

52:04 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And what we described in that particular presentation is the history of the phenomena of cataclysms on this planet and where it comes from. It came from what we call today in modern science the Lunar-Earth-Mars Catastrophe. And what we have been able to do is to highlight the fact that, that is a real phenomenon. It is not a joke, alright? What I want to do now is bring you some of the images to re-verify that the Lunar-Earth-Mars Catastrophe is real and to show you that the pole shift that occurred on Mars, the planet that was destroyed in the asteroid belt and the moon which was severed from the Earth created a problem for our Earth. It created tectonic plates. It created a wobble in the poles that has been going on for what the Sumerians called the last 66 stars. 66-stars is where you get the concept of 66 trillion years. It is encrypted language. Master Fard Muhammad was using indigenous calendar systems, ancient indigenous calendar systems. What I want to do now is go back to some of these images, alright? Let us pull some of these up. On Mars that red planet so that you can take a look. Now here, all of these images are from the Mars Global Surveyor. I did a presentation called The Moors Mars and Advanced Civilizations. It was also called the American origin of civilization.

54:02 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And in that presentation, what I was trying to show is that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad made one of the most wild claims that a human being can make. In the 1930s all the way through his teaching, he thought that Mars was inhabited by people that lived on the ground, that his teacher could communicate with those particular people and that Mars used to be a moon and a disaster or cataclysm, a catastrophe created the current moon and created and knocked Mars out of that particular order. How in the hell does somebody who went to the fourth grade one in Sandersville, Georgia, a sharecropper migrate to Detroit get taught in the 1930s all of a sudden going to come up with data that the Mars Global Surveyor did not get until 70 years later. Are you kidding me? I want to say that again. How is this man going to make this up? You are presently looking at the tunneling system that has been found on the surface of Mars that are allegedly probably for two purposes, either bring in water underground or bring in air underground. These are the glass tubing ventilation systems that have been found on Mars by the Mars Global Surveyor as of 2001. They were brought to the public by NASA's chief astronomer, Tom Van Flandern who is no longer alive. He was the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory. This is what is on Mars. This is what they pictured and the JPL brought the images down in 2001. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was talking about this in the 1930s from a man who he said was the great __55:57__.

56:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Someone came specifically to teach black people in America to raise them into the knowledge that they are a nation of God and this is the legacy of what occurred. Let us keep going on Mars, on these photos, alright? So you see the photos. This is depictions of what? Trees on Mars, trees, water, a road by the trees. You see the shadows being cast by the vegetation, more strawberry and trees on Mars as of 2001, close ups of the trees, the branching, the shadows, a depiction of a dolphin carved into the dirt by somebody. The same thing that you have in NASA in South America, large objects than can be only be seen from the sky carved into the ground in South America. You have the same phenomena on Mars which means that the people in the Americas are connected to the people who are on Mars, they know each other, they were connected to each other, had a great system that was connected to each other's civilization and this is depicted in ancient history. So when we show you, I have not even had time to show you the Ecostone where they are actually depicting this particular object coming back into our space. I am going to pull that up tonight. I have to do that, but here you have a dolphin. Here you have on the left, the original image of a woman with a fez on, a crown or tarbush on Mars' face.

58:04 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And then you have the Photoshop enhancement to show you what it actually looks like. This is __58:10__ carved into the ground. So they do not only show images of hominids, they show images aquatic animals, images of human women, another depiction of a woman on Mars. They have depictions of men on Mars, kings, queens. This is depictions of goldings under ash on Mars. They knew civilization was there. They know __58:38__. The red planet is red because of the iron phosphate that turned into iron oxide as the result of the lost of the magnetic field or the degeneration of it which was caused by, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, an event cause by humans on this particular planet, alright? So let us come out of that. So now you have Elenin here. We have proof that Mars was, at least was, inhabited by some people. We have not seen the people. I have footage that I think it is the depiction of a person on Mars. I am not going to show that, but we have the knowledge that somebody made those things, the wind cannot blow faces, make the D and M pyramid and create great magic in all kind of infrastructure on Mars. People did that. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that his teacher could communicate with those people. I am pretty sure we could too if we had our powers back but this is not a game. It is serious. This does not mean you need to run and join the nation of Islam. This means that the information was brought to all of humanity for a purpose.

1:00:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

This means that the information was brought to all of humanity for a purpose. This means that all of this Sunni-Muslims they are saying that Elijah Muhammad is not a messenger, these people are insane. They can believe that Prophet Muhammad rode a white donkey into seven heavens where I can show them on Google Sky, a man who 47 years ago said that his teacher and the people with him would bring a star into this local university to fix an __01:00:36__ problem and they will look at me like I am crazy. You have people who believe that somebody got stabbed and stuck on a cross and was bleeding and that they are somewhere waiting on them to return yet we can bring this type of information in __01:00:50__. Come on! We had plan, this is not a joke. So we can see that this is the very real thing not to my point about fixing the problem that earth catastrophe that occurred many millennium ago caused the earth to crack open the Pacific plate specifically and is called the Pacific trench and it is where the most unstable plate tectonic exists. Keep in mind since this object has come into our local solar system, we have had an earthquake in February of 2010, alright. That earthquake, I believe that was the earthquake in New Zealand, alright.

1:01:53 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Then in September, of that same year, we had the earthquake in Chile. Following that, in March of this year, we had the earthquake in Japan. Following that we had an earthquake in Sumatra, alright. We had another one in New Zealand and then we have just recently had an earthquake on the East Coast on the 23rd in Virginia. Saturday, we had an earthquake in New York in Albany, a small one, about 3.0, but it still occur at the same time that the hurricane was coming. The ground is shaking, is quaking. It has been quaking like that for a long time. The word hurricane comes from an indigenous word in America that the Spanish borrow. So we are well aware of the _01:03:02_ and cataclysms. This is how we got races on the planet, cataclysms. We can explain the whole history of humanity all the way back to the lunar earth catastrophe. Not only can we explain that, here is where we go stealth. I cannot do this now because we running out time. We can prove where the current anatomies and physiologies of man and woman came from in the being, who existed prior to the Lunar, Earth, Mars, catastrophe, alright. There was a split. This is talked about in the Quran. This is talked about in the ancient histories.

1:03:53 Dr. Aly Muhammad

This was talked about in our lessons where we get the discussion that the current morphic woman does not predate the Lunar, Earth, Mars catastrophe. It was a different being. This is talked about in Egypt. This is the history of the so called shape shifters. That is not them, that is us. We are the shape shifters. We are the ones who went from amphibious and reptilian-type beings to mammals after the Lunar, Mars, Earth catastrophe. That was the creation of the current man and woman, alright. We have the history of the oviparous first verse. We have it all by brothers and sisters. What we have charted and documented is something that the honorable life of Mohammed proved and that is you can never destroy black people. No matter how hard. We try to even destroy ourselves. We will make the necessary adjustments as the creators of the universe in order to remain fear, because we created fear. That is the mystery. And if you looking for any other thing, you are looking for the wrong thing. Alright, so we are here to fix this planet, meaning these whole element phenomena is here to fix the planet. The planet is jacked up, it need to be fixed. Somebody with real knowledge knows that you do not have a planet titled 23.25 degrees to the plane of its orbit. A sun tilted 33.3 degrees from the plane of its orbit and all of this chaos going on the planet as far as time mythology.

1:05:55 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Huge deserts, all kind of other things that have occurred in respect to men and women's behavior on the planet, alright. So we got the most authentic route and base laid for us in the teachings of the honorable life of Mohammed. That only it was a wake up message to get us to a particular point so now that we could understand what is going on right now. You learn about this thing in your religious text and your ancient text, but you cannot read them this is why we call for our own government so we can read this stuff ourselves and tell our own story. This is our gross domestic product, alright. And we have been given the greatest gift, the greatest gift is a knowledge of self, a complete total knowledge of self. So what we want to do now is come to some of the questions that might arise from this information that we are bringing because I know there is a lot of questions and you wanna take some of those questions. If you wanna view it again, if you wanna view what we are showing, we are showing that Elenin is not a comet, it is a star. This has been known since 1983 by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This has been known and discussed by the honorable life of Mohammed since the 1960s. The information about who is guiding this particular star is clear. The same people who built mother planes and did other things that are very real. We know the United States government has duplicated, or attempted to duplicate some of its nine gravity technology with their stuff technology. Some of which they got from the Nazis and other people. Is that significant, they are not the power anymore.

1:07:54 Dr. Aly Muhammad

If you want to view this, we had www.livestream.com/aboriginalglobalmediainc and the password is alibaba215. That link is on my Facebook page, Dr. Aly Muhammad. Our calling number is 646-3814-991. We want to take some callers. Someone has the hand up that has a question. We're gonna take some callers. 302669, you are on Aboriginal Radio, Peace Family.

1:08:28 Caller 1

Peace to the God. (Crosstalk) What do you think is the actual outcome or how _01:08:37_ represented where you actually think gonna happen _01:08:40_ to the destination that you are supposed to get to?

1:08:45 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Well, from reading the letter and from looking at what the messenger said, the object is to fix the problem with the Earth's magnetic field and the sun's magnetic field pretty much the whole solar system's magnetic field which is off. So this binary star has been guided to the Earth to fix this problem with tectonic plate problem, climatology problem on Earth and since we understand the basic premise of a magnetic field, we will go over this in class on Thursday. A magnetic field is discharged of the -- the electrical charge based on the stem velocity of object. We know that aging, a disease, the hybrid plants, the lack of quality of breathing on the Earth is connected to these ancient events and is connected to the slow demise of the human being. So the object is to fix this cosmic problem that exist in this universe and the impact that I will have, is that it will bring back a higher vibration to the earth so that it won't be on this wobble _01:10:09_ shifts for another 20 million years and that the current moon that we have that is balanced in the waters on the Earth, but doing it so by a did object that object can be removed and this particular orb along with the planet that's with it can become as he said in that letter, our moon so that we can fix the problem with the earth's geomagnetic field climatology even our very selves, the human beings, that are on it.

1:10:44 Dr. Aly Muhammad

The next important part about that is, while all this is happening, what was written in the records and what's gonna happen, we suppose to be when we -- where we supposed to be, how we supposed to move and I am gonna say this, I am gonna say those things on the radio. I save that for my family, and my brothers and sisters in ISIS when we busted up, we gonna be ready then we won't worried about nothing else. And I am not saying I am gonna leave my people out there, but our people have to understand that this information is dangerous. The fact that we are talking about it right now, as it you know, oozes out, we have to take precautions to protect ourselves or even unveil in such information. So I am saying that he is here to fix those problems. The moon as we know of now does not belong there as a satellite trying to balance the waters of the Earth. It creates more problems than it does solutions. So this is the solution from the Gods. This is how we gonna fix our local solar system. We gonna bring out object to fix it and the ramification on down the line as I said, it affects our biology, it affects everything around us.

1:12:04 Caller 1

Okay. So we are going into basically another transit -- if the right people gone on to basically another transformation?

1:12:12 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Absolutely, we are going on to a transformation that is the last transformation that we will need as a people and when I say that -- what I am saying is that, the transformation is rising from our mental death and when we say a mental death, we are talking about the mind, the mind is the universe that is not projection of the consciousness. So we gonna raise ourselves into a knowledge of our universe and how we do that is we get in the rites of passage programs and we get the information and we learn how to use it, but yes, this is for the mental resurrection in Islam they have this thing call Yawm Al-Qiyamah, the day of resurrection. This is it right here, we are in it right now. This is when the dead, all the people had agreed, _01:13:01_ that they are in, so they can understand the changes that are occurring and their proper response to those particular changes. So that we can live in peace, because we are people of peace. We just had this devils that we made that came about in our own violations that we gonna torque up a little bit and take responsibility for and when we do that most black people, when you really study them, they are peaceful people by nature is just that we have been under a natural enemy and then prior to that, we have done some things that we need to correct. We will back in order. We would be back living in heaven. Heaven is right here on this Earth, a state of mind. It is a state of existence that we create for ourselves.

1:13:47 Caller 1

Right. Peace to the God.

1:13:50 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Peace to the God. Alright, we're gonna take some more callers. Can you still hear me? I got knock up for a second. Caller calling in from 803543, you are on Aboriginal Radio, Peace!

1:14:15 Caller 2

Yeah, peace, bro?

1:14:17 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Peace to the God. How are you Ga?

1:14:19 Caller 2

I'm doing well, I'm doing well. Connect you down, just connecting the dot you know connecting the dot.

1:14:39 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And you guys excuse us, we just had our summit, I know you seen it, so we have been trying to get back on the line so we can handle our other business. So I believe they are in _01:14:49_ but if not, then I have to checked this week and make sure that it dedicate to you. Can you hear me brother? Amaru? Hopefully, he didn't get knocked off. If you got knocked off, I'm gonna bring you back on. The phone went off. Alright, if you want to call back in Brother Amaru, I can take that call from me. Alright, let us see we got some other people with the hands right _01:15:21_ is all good though? You know what I mean, it's all good we need that some times and I am not gonna spook you out like ghost, we spook out like somebody is other people, but I am trying to show you that there are things going on and should need to pay attention to, and you are not gonna break so called white supremacy, so called the degradation of humanity with the stuff that most of us people are using. Next caller, calling in 267595, you are on Aboriginal Radio.

1:15:58 Caller 3

Hey! What's going on?

1:16:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Peace family!

1:16:02 Caller 3

Yeah you are able to exit the show. I like you was saying like you know an old Quran said there. We have to give respect to the day with _01:16:12_ you know I was unaware of the whole, the question I have though, is say that this door was moving in a point in time then stopped?

1:16:27 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I was reading from the actual articles where they charted the star in 1983 and the scientist you were charting it using the IRSA telescope, Infrared Astronomical Satellite, with the telescopes on. They were saying and there are two charting periods which were six months apart the object did not move. So they were saying base on it not moving at that time, you could not be a comet even though there was some type of infrared object that they were thinking was a proto star or a possible planet. They were baffled because it wasn't moving, it wasn't in a orb. It wasn't in some type of rotation.

1:17:10 Caller 3

Okay, so before then it was moving?

1:17:16 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Well, it's obviously moving because it's here now, but what I am saying is that it's movement is not the same as a planet or comet or some other object, which says that if you they can stop in space for six months and then move at a later date, alright that means that some type of intelligence is guiding its movements and there has never been, it's like a car driving itself and stopping then moving a little bit. You don't see that in nature, alright. So essentially something is guiding this particular thing and then you have the corroborating statements from the Honorable Elijah Mohammed from his teacher that this thing was being guided into our solar system to do a specific thing, which you are doing is you are pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together and that's what I am doing.

1:18:08 Caller 3

Yes, yes. It was a good show. I may looking to it. Can you give me the information on _01:18:14_.

1:18:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay, if you are online now, what we are looking at physically right now is Google Sky. You can go straight to Google Sky. Google Sky is software that's available, free download online or you can get it online and view it online. If you had the internet, and what I want you to do is go into the search bar and type in Mercury. When you type in Mercury, you're going up the planet Mercury and right next to Mercury is this particular star that we are discussing. However, you cannot see it unless you place the telescope that you are using which is the live telescope into the infrared band. The infrared band is the band that allows you to see things that you can't see in the visible light spectra and that will allow for you to see what is considered to be a brown dwarf or this black star which is the emitting any a light. It is pertaining all of this light frequencies, alright. So you can see this object that is between the orbs of Venus and Earth and then ask yourself a question, what is it? Since we can see the sun, we can see all the other planets, we can see it what is this black metallic object that can only be seen that was being called the comet, but we haven't been shown any comets. What is it doing here, and then with the information that we have given you, then you got a gift today.

1:19:49 Caller 3

No doubt. No doubt. No doubt.

1:19:54 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright, we are talking this call _01:19:56_ thank you, bro.

1:19:57 Caller 3


1:19:58 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright next caller, calling in 626529, you are on aboriginal radio. Peace Family!

1:20:09 Caller 4

Peace God.

1:20:10 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Peace to the God.

1:20:11 Caller 4

How do you doing?

1:20:12 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I'm good.

1:20:13 Caller 4

Doing beauty out here _01:20:15_ when she was talking about how the binary star coming into fix certain problems _01:20:24_. The frequencies are you know. The velocity is not fair and the magnetic fields. It's kind of doing some studying on the __1:20:33__ tuning note notations. I know it is like a _01:20:37_ on your Facebook about the word upon and bringing over outstanding German scientists to the US _01:20:44_.

1:20:45 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes, sir.

1:20:47 Caller 4

Well, I am doing some studying and that they are not propaganded chosen levels that came over and you changed over the tuning notations, the 440 Hertz.

1:21:01 Dr. Aly Muhammad


1:21:02 Caller 4

Will -- if it's coming in to bring certain amount of Hertz and I mean you said, be very careful about what we are sharing because of this will sharing on air right now. And we are broadcasting them because have frequencies. I am looking that as an sharing information and we are talking everything that would brought on in this new information as we know and I see is know that the _01:21:28_ brought in with the United States flag and Washington DC again set up in one night well if the frequency get in communicating to us via you know instruments via you know wax _01:21:44_ and we are putting frequencies into you know the synthetic types of material and then we communicated with each other, well I am looking at as in if holograms at those sticker like organic sounds we've totally lost that organic tuning frequency of how we should speak which you know obviously how we gone with their right now is in we gonna communicate on that levels to the world wide web and say, we come face-to-face, we can't even keep up with the frequency that like say you know some of the voters in election are surround ourselves organically to that call you know the trumpets call basically I want to call it, but I was doing all study that can see it as in those Hertz _01:22:34_ with certain chakras, if everything will again communicate right now. There is even part of this organic notation tuning from aboriginal people and some aboriginal jurisdictions notated then it can be very dangerous, serious and information that is coming in, but it is like the time that you know coming through just to add on for that.

1:22:58 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Right, right, right. Well, I will say this and I will make it really simple. When you start dealing with blackness within blackness is every possible frequency and this is not by coincidence we are talking about a black object which allegedly not be seen in the visible spectrum and we are bring it into the visible spectrum for a people who could not see it in order to retune them to that which was unseen, but which was not on present. So essentially, when you are dealing with the magic of adept sciences, all we are saying is that the truth is present and people did not know it. So because of my specific link to the people and to the information, I was grazed to bring this particular information out to them, as a trumpet to make a sound and in making that sound, the one thing that I know because of what commands I have been given to make that sound from the people who are orchestrating these events directly, the danger that we face is the lack of preparation. It's not the lack of success and that danger is for all of us who would take this to where I am saying likely.

1:24:49 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So I have to express what could be considered the yin and the yang of the situation because we are in that kind of time, where we have to make the message clear that way. So communicating on the internet and using this particular type of technology to bring for this kind of message does not limit the capacity of the message itself which is why I gave you all of the organic as well as synthetic methods to visualize and see on all levels. We are using Google Sky right now, but you can go outside to the sky and view this particular object. You might need infrared telescope because your eyes are not as strong as it used to be, but this is why we are talking about fixing and retuning all these magnetic fields because there are some people that are going to have to help us because of our violations that have restricted us to this particular condition and whenever somebody is trying to help you and you know in opposition we need help you just accept it. That is the one thing different _01:26:15_ child who has all the potential to be great yet they need abreast. So this is that abreast to put us on to take the assistance and take the guidance and move forward.

1:26:34 Caller 4

Oh, it's exactly _01:26:35_ exactly our point the synthetic versus organic _01:26:41_ called myself all the time was you know speech of mind and your time due to yourself is what you are inevitably fine, you know what I mean, and its more of just understanding who you are all the way down and all the way up and you can just speak it where you can use all those frequencies all is basically this timing and making the panel at these both sides. And we was already doing it anyway.

1:27:08 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I appreciate your _01:27:08_ you know that? Alright, Peace Ga. Next caller we have 302442, you are Aboriginal Radio, Peace!

1:27:21 Caller 5

Peace God.

1:27:23 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Peace what's going on Goddess?

1:27:27 Caller 5

You said that Elenin, they first heard about it back in December 30.

1:27:34 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah, December 30, 1983.

1:27:38 Caller 4

What is the reason why they like did it on that date? Because if you add up the number, all the numbers is 333.

1:27:45 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Well, I won't say they probably had a reason, but cosmic frequencies always bring reason and everything is done or manifest on some type of frequency so a lot of times when you test the dates and lot at the math of certain events even though the people who are participating might not be consciously aware of you know those types of tags that come with those kind of announcements, but can always find them and you just found one.

1:28:18 Caller 5

Right. The number 3. I don't you know the numerology will be like that, but the number three have a lot of different meanings and one of them I now is I guess the process of creation.

1:28:32 Dr. Aly Muhammad


1:28:33 Caller 5

Represented by the number three.

1:28:36 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yup. Absolutely. That's probably from my study the most consistent numerological association with the number three whether you are dealing with part __01:28:47__ a lot of different of that things _01:28:53_.

1:28:53 Caller 5

_01:28:53_ nature of the woman.

1:28:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. The pyramid, the matrix so that three is always understanding is creativity. It is creation too.

1:29:05 Caller 5

Right. Okay, thank you.

1:29:10 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Thank you, sis! I appreciate it. Alright. Once again for those of you who are listening in we are on livestream.com so you can see somebody's images what we are showing right now is what they are calling Elenin. We gonna make it disappear for you. For those of you looking, you cannot see Elenin right now because we took off the infrared so if you look at the night sky that is what you were see, until you get come type of infrared equipment and then when you get the infrared equipment, you can tune in infrared equipment up to see the Elenin is right there, in front of your face, between the orbits of Venus and the Earth at the 99 hours 48 minutes, right extension 13 degrees declination above the celestial equator and you can see it in the late night, early morning hours, if you get the right equipment to go outside to visualize that particular object. I am going to take some more callers. Alright. Next caller is 757589, you're on Aboriginal Radio, peace family.

1:30:27 Caller 6

Peace. Peace. How are you doing brother Aly?

1:30:29 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I'm good. How are you?

1:30:31 Caller 6

I'm doing pretty good man. I'm doing pretty good. Hey man, okay, this is definitely a big stuff right here man. I just got a couple of questions. One of is this new star coming to our orbit pretty soon you know that these days that's when it started in relation to us and that we were linked to them. Where exactly are they coming from?

1:31:05 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Where are they coming from? You mean the people that are on it?

1:31:08 Caller 6


1:31:10 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Well from my knowledge, I have two answers for that and then may be somebody else can add on. From my knowledge, they are human beings. Human beings just like me and you except for the fact that they have not lost all of their powers, potential on kinetic powers.

1:31:32 Caller 6


1:31:33 Dr. Aly Muhammad

The second part of that is that we could use the term multidimensional beings and although we are multidimensional beings in the form of we are in three dimensions etc, we've lost some of our power to - I will say control, the magnetic field of our body. Suffice to say an example of this is that if you have an object that has infrared, you can't see it, but it is definitely there, which means that your eye is only picking up a certain frequency or spectrum so the dimensions that that object is resonating in, you cannot see it until you attain the power to allow for your visual powers to expand to the level that they could see or detect that things that is on that other frequency. So, when I say multi-frequency and multidimensional beings, I'm talking about beings who could do things that are considered magical. Now we read about this stuff in the bible and the Quran and ancient texts and other things that people could, you know, possibly slow their magnetic field down and walk through a wall or, you know, we had experiments, the scientists that has been over the last century and a half, but to see this in people is to consider it, you know, spooky or whatever. So from the knowledge that I got from Honorable Elijah Muhammad and from the knowledge that I know is simple, these beings live on earth, alright, they have craft that they get on on earth, they can participate in what physicists called nonlocality which means that they can move their energy forms from one place to another without the assistance of anything except their will.

1:33:41 Dr. Aly Muhammad

They could possibly be inhabiting the planet that is allegedly connected to the star and they live on earth amongst us. So that is a question that I have just expressed my limitation on as far as I know and there could be a number of other answers that could be added into that.

1:34:07 Caller 6

True. True. Okay. I know it is very difficult. I'm pretty sure that you know some answers that all of us could be the answer in the coming future being that we are dealing with things that are based from who we come from, but are more vast in us and things like we are basically their creation. You know that, and they are looking out for us and like I can see it, you know, they're going to do some repairs and upgrade, you know, so I guess based on the will of __1:34:39__ in the coming near future.

1:34:42 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. Yeah. We do. I think we do have a lot to learn. What are the things that I will add on that is that -- again, the source of the information that I am drawing from primarily from the teachers of Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I will add in that it did not necessarily their creation, but they are willing to augment, to help us get back to where we where with them.

1:35:10 Caller 6


1:35:11 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Our fall came as a result of certain choices and it created limitations and those limitations overtime have left us in this particular state which we considered as we are appreciative of it, but I would be careful to say we are their creations only to the degree that from most of the indigenous records that we have enable to pull up and from looking at the complete composite picture of what is occurring, it appears that we are them, but we are a group that made decisions and choices and it caused us the losing of some of those powers. So their interfacing with us is to assist us to getting back to be what we were before which, you know, suffice to say is considered a self-created being. A spontaneous biogenetically created being and we still have some of those powers today, but we lost a little bit of it.

1:36:29 Caller 6


1:36:30 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I will just go down there. Because we do have beings that we made. Made beings are not natural and I would say that we are natural. We just lost some of our naturalness, but there are some beings that are here that are completely unnatural that did not come with the universe and shown by their behavior, by their biologies, by what we considered to have complete self that they are missing some of these cosmic ingredients and, you know, this is at the draw that anyone -- we all need help but it is just a fact of occurring.

1:37:18 Caller 6


1:37:19 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I think we are fall in that form of category of the original lineage of beings that just needs some tuning up, some fine tuning.

1:37:29 Caller 6

True. I appreciate that bro.

1:37:32 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes, I appreciate God. Alright. Climbing in on time we got about 18 minutes left on the show, we have a lot of callers so I'm going to strive to get to as many as possible. It's somebody's numbers mixed up. Hopefully, this number is the correct number. We have a number 310714, you're on Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

1:37:58 Caller 7

Yeah. What's up?

1:38:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Peace family.

1:38:02 Caller 8

How are you doing man? I got a question for you man.

1:38:05 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

1:38:06 Caller 8

The question is, what is Elenin have to do with -- okay. You have called us the macro and the micro universe. You make say that we are the macro universe. Hello?

1:38:22 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes man I'm listening, go ahead.

1:38:25 Caller 8

Okay. So we are macro universe and yet -- and out there is the micro universe, right? Is it the same thing going on out there also going on in us?

1:38:34 Dr. Aly Muhammad

You know, I'm careful about the whole macro and micro thing because it is not taken into consideration that it is the same thing then we could get into, you know, that's misappropriating. But I will say to answer your question as to the best I can.

1:38:54 Caller 8

I'm here. Go on.

1:38:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad

The things that going on in the universe that is considered outside of us are going on in us. Just the same way that we are talking about the magnetic fields of the earth being fixed. We are talking about the six things of magnetic fields of our own atom, our own molecule cells, etc. A lot of that has to do with the orbit and we are married to her by means of magnetism. So that becomes the support. It is suffice to say, I would ask your question very simply and say, yes. The purpose and need of regeneration and we are in need of regeneration. It is not insignificant that the particular star came from constellation Leo which literally represents the heart and the blood and they have the concept of the solar blood. Normal __1:39:57__ solar blood is our blood, nice, tall, dark image and we know that our blood in our body is the natural stem cell __1:40:11__ but its need to prepare. We've seen on the so called exterior that objects that makes Leo regenerates the magnetic field, water, etc by earth correspondingly we could see that we need that same thing going on in our solar blood and our blood man biology __1:40:37__ and that is the current degree some of the things that we deal with in the society __1:40:45__ help to feel specifically with that, that is how __1:40:53__ tissue able understanding that food that you eat originates the blood and ruled the access of cell deposit out in our soul. We are coming up on the same knowledge of Michael __1:41:11__ affecting each other.

1:41:16 Caller 8

Hey you, hey you Mr. Muhammad how are you doing, this is Greg man my home boy calls you actually he got true people I got true. I'm here at Cali man, I mean the favor is from you bro.

1:41:26 Dr. Aly Muhammad


1:41:28 Caller 8

Hey, can you call me back on my direct line man and let me know what I suppose to having man. I mean to say my soul is over here man.

1:41:37 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. Well, I think we see what happening. We will say this. I have to say this about California and I will say this in public. In late September, San Diego is -- it's looking bad for San Diego in late September. So if you have family members that are in San Diego, I know you probably -- I'm not watching online, but there is something that you can do to check weather earthquake is going to hit two days, three days or at least the day prior to. There is something called the HAARP magnetometer, alright, induction magnetometer. I'm going go to it online and those who are watching and we prepare you all kind of things about HAARP about them zapping the atmosphere and other things.

1:42:29 Caller 8


1:42:30 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And it is possibly true. However, one of the things that you can do to detect whether they are isolations in the magnetic field and a possible earthquake that is going come within a certain time period is to check the HAARP induction magnetometer everyday if you are in Cali. You can make that a habit. Every day you wake up, you can go to HAARP home page, you can go to their online data link.

1:42:58 Caller 8


1:42:59 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And put the induction magnetometer. Alright. And when you go to the induction magnetometer on the HAARP website...

1:43:10 Caller 8


1:43:11 Dr. Aly Muhammad

What you will see is a graphs, alright, where you have the Hertz levels increasing like I'm looking at it now and the Hertz levels for August 28th and the 29th what we see is that they are getting up like crazy, alright, so for -- today is the 28th. Alright?

1:43:45 Caller 8


1:43:45 Dr. Aly Muhammad

From what I am looking at, right now, I'm just being honest. The hertz level is peaking very, very, very high. So this means to me and I did these three days ago, you can check our notes on Facebook and other places. Earthquake is going to occur, that's very high within the next three days. I'm looking at the magnetometer now. I check it everyday. I checked it this morning it was low and now it was high.

1:44:16 Caller 8

Only here at San Diego?

1:44:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I don't know if it's in San Diego. I will have to look at when I call my astrocartography. What I will do is if your on Facebook, come to my page, Aly Muhammad on Facebook, just type Aly Muhammad or Dr. Aly Muhammad or whatever.

1:44:31 Caller 8


1:44:31 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And I will be giving that information out because I can tell where it's at with the different level of science. I can't tell where is that by just looking at this hertz scale but __1:44:40__ right now and that means within a two to three-day period you gonna see an earthquake come somewhere and the way it's looking with this scale is going to be at least above six. I don't know where is that now, but I will be able to tell you once I get my astrocartography but I do know in late September San Diego -- it's looking bad for San Diego in the whole fault area, so I can give more information. I will give it out on our website Aboriginal Global Media and I will gonna be giving it out on my Facebook page and I will gonna be doing recommendations for some safe areas and, you know, how to survive, what foods to eat. There is food all around you in a form of plants in a natural disaster and you can use that how to clean water etc. but I'm looking right now. I'm glad you are saved by the ancestors because for me to be looking at just right now and to see this, this means that, you know, on the 30th, 31st, around the 1st of September we looking at some place something is gonna pop off strong. I don't know where it yet. I can find out within the few hours though.

1:45:50 Caller 8

Okay. And I just want to say thank you big bro and I love you man. That's real talk man.

1:45:54 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I love you too bro. Be safe out there, travel safe and again Aly Muhammad on Facebook. Do check my page out and know some stuff out there and keep on that website Aboriginal Global Media for people who might be in somebody's areas that are dangerous when they need to look out and, you know, when they need to -- might need to just get out of that city for a little while with it possibly go.

1:46:16 Caller 8

Okay. We will do. I'm here towards the night man. Thanks bro.

1:46:19 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. Peace Ga. Alright.

1:46:22 Caller 8

I get in my Facebook and I got, do you going away more detail?

1:46:27 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Ask me your questions. I just kind of threw me off and brother just loud. I'm gonna give some instructions for people right now. Everybody, everybody who can follow me, you can go to Google and type in HAARP. Alright? And then when you go to that online that you can go to induction magnetometer and what's you are looking at the graph that I'm showing shows oscillations in the earth's geomagnetic field. Those oscillations are predeterminers of possible tectonic shifting. As of 10 o'clock tonight, you will have a high oscillation that is peaking in the hertz frequencies. So all of the study that I have done back to the Haiti earthquake, the other earthquake shows that when you look one day, two days, or three days prior to that event you will see a peak in the geomagnetic field and then a subsequent earthquake and this is occurring because of this ancient history of the destabilization of earth's magnetic field and then certain alignments now with planets and other things affected and people can affect these things. We know that this black star that has coming to our local system is impact in it, but what we want to be able to do is get our people to safety. The best safety is to have a calm mind, alright, because with a calm mind, you can do some things that allow for you to make clear choices and trust your instincts. The next thing that you have to do is garner the proper knowledge.

1:48:25 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I placed on Facebook -- I'll see if I can go to Facebook real quick, a map of the meridian line that everybody needs to stay away from the western part of this meridian line. I got so much stuff to get added to my page, give me a moment and we are running out of minutes. Alright. When we got a few more minutes and we will take as many questions as possible if I can get to it. I have a map on my page, alright, that discussed this Tzintzuntzan Pyramid Meridian that is in Mexico. And basically, our ancestor will not build mounts or pyramids beyond this particular point because it was considered geodetically unstable. And we build the mounts and pyramid to stabilize the earthquakes. Alright. So __1:49:40__ I would assist. Give me a moment brothers and sisters. I know there some more paying I'm gonna pull this map up so we can take a look at it. Okay here it is. Alright. So what I'm showing now is the Tzintzuntzan Pyramid. It's in Mexico and you can see this is the earthquake zone map. I pulled this from Carl Munck's book, The Master Code Book which deals with geodetics and as you can see, anything west of this meridian line is dangerous. As you can see, this meridian line is surrounded by Nebraska to the middle of Texas and Oklahoma. So anything west of that is dangerous.

1:50:26 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Are you already getting stuff in Yellowstone, you got volcanoes all in the outside of this ridge on the outside of Oregon in Washington and brothers and sisters, the west coast is just unstable. I'm being honest with you. If you are there and you have family members, if I were you and I had the knowledge that I have I will do my best to make moves to get out of there. Alright? That's just straight up honesty. I don't like to create panic, but that's the truth. It's shaky ground like now and in late September and October is going to be more shaky for all of us, but definitely for people who are in California and at the love of my heart and the math that I have been studying for years, I'm saying this out of all earnesty that it's a dangerous place and in fact that the induction magnetometer is recording the magnetic field oscillating to the level that is oscillating. That's bad and those unstable places are dangerous. Alright? So that's essentially all I can say about that right now. We will keep the communication coming. Again, by using the astrocartography maps, which was a system that was developed by Europeans for other purposes, I use it along with the cartomancy to designate areas that are either safe or unsafe to be in and essentially, what I'm saying is that there is a lot of danger on the west coast. A lot of danger. Yeah, killer whale, volcano going off, you got Yellowstone unstable, you got a huge volcano...

1:52:26 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Set of volcanoes on the ridge outside of Washington State in the pacific and of course, you got geodetically unstable sun and rains falling everything is going along with that. This map that I'm showing is allegedly -- there is another map, but this shows the unstable area and this shows why we didn't bring the geodetic sets over because it was unnecessary. The sediment is too unstable. Alright? So in summary, hopefully I have said something tonight that made sense to you. What I am saying is that we are part of a legacy of great people and this transformation is just necessary to this particular point and we need to focus our energies. This is not the end of the world. This is actually the beginning of the world. This is a reason to be happy. I am happy to know that white people aren't really in power. I'm glad to know that. I'm glad to know that human being will come amongst us and teach one of us this kind of knowledge so a brother like brother Aly who is coming thirty years can share some information that is vital and I'm glad to be a part of a government that as aboriginal people who will bring it in to existence which I know is the will of the creator and the ancestors and I mead the best being then our will we just have to focus on it and we can build the universe of governmental peace, bring all the technology and all the things that are necessary to make this earth that we live on suitable to live on. I want to give a shout out to my children, all of my children who are the joy of my life, have seen three of my little once in two weeks.

1:54:27 Dr. Aly Muhammad

But I get a chance to stop all this work and see my babies. I want to give a shout out to everybody who has been listening tonight, hopefully I have said something that is valuable to you and hopefully you can take some those information and do some research, do some studying in and make some sense out of this. Hopefully we have been clear. You are looking at Elenin that far, it is not a comet. I challenge any NASA astronomer come into the public and challenge Dr Aly Muhammad on this particular information. The people need to know the truth. Peace!