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Being conscious, healthy, ethical & green-minded is the new business & lifestyle paradigm we are growing here at A Better World. Come listen & learn how.

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Purchase The New Heart at Work Purchase Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven Wednesday, April 16, 6pm EDT: This evening's radio show will be with Mitchell Jay Rabin, about opening up consciousness to what we sense may be its next... more

Purchase Ocean's Book Wednesday, April 9, 6pm EDT: Continuing a popular theme of A Better World, is looking at our food and the farm-to-table sequence. This story tells virtually the whole story of the potential of a magnificent life on... more

Purchase Frances' Books Wednesday, April 2, 6pm EDT: Continuing a central theme of A Better World of addressing the pressing issues of environmental and food pollution in our world and the psychological mind-set that allows such... more

Purchase Ben's Books Wednesday, March 26, 6pm EDT: Mitchell's guest this evening is renowned author and journalist, Ben G. Frank, who is considered one of this country's most distinguished travel writers & commentators on Jewish... more

Wednesday, March 19, 6pm EDT: To further understand higher brain development and its role in creating a higher-level of maturity in human beings, Mitchell's guest tonight is Dr. Michael Cotton, who, with more than thirty years as a leading... more

Purchase Larry's Books Wednesday, March 12, 6pm EDT: This evening's guest is the internationally-renowned, holistically-minded doctor, healer, writer and thinker Dr. Larry Dossey. Dr. Dossey is a physician of internal medicine, former... more

Wednesday, March 5, 6pm EST: Tonight's interview discusses the use of art, in particular, theater, film, music and opera, as means of expressing the depths of our feelings about our relationship to Nature, including our own, and our... more

Wednesday, Feb 26, 6pm EST: Continuing with the series on environment and Climate Change on A Better World Radio, addressing the activity of one of the leaders in the eco-activist field is www.350.org. To learn of 350.org's current... more

Purchase Marianne's Books & CDs Purchase Deni Béchard's Book Wednesday, February 12, 6pm EST: Mitchell's guest tonight is Marianne Williamson. Marianne Williamson, is now stepping up to advocate independent... more
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