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Wondrous Word by Bishop Andre

Wondrous Word with Bishop Andre A Wright


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This broadcast is to bring encouragement, enlighten and enhance people to reach their goals and destiny in life and understanding the gift and value inside of them.

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TO BE EFFECTIVE, WE NEED THE "WHOLE" ARMOR OF GOD 1. As soldiers of Christ, we need... a. Not just the "sword" of the Spirit b. But also the "fruit" of the Spirit - cf. Ga 5:22-23 -- Otherwise, we might do ourselves harm in... more

Able to produce faith - Ro 10:17; Jn 20:30-31 3) Able to save our souls - Jm 1:21 4) Able to cause one to be born again - 1Pe 1:23 2. We must also "speak the truth

a. Which is the Word of God b. Unless we use this Word, all our efforts will be in vain c. For it is the Word of God that is... 1) Living and powerful - He 4:12 2) Able to produce faith - Ro 10:17; Jn 20:30-31

B. BUT WE DO HAVE WEAPONS, AND THEY ARE "MIGHTY IN GOD"! 1. First and foremost, we have "the sword of the Spirit" - Ep 6: 17 a. Which is the Word of God b. Unless we use this Word, all our efforts will be in vain c. For it is... more

II. THE "WEAPONS" OF THIS WARFARE A. WHAT THEY ARE NOT: "CARNAL" OR "FLESHLY" (4) 1. E.g., weapons that may be used "AGAINST" the flesh... a. Such as the sword, gun, bomb, etc. b. These weapons may take... more

B. THE WARFARE IN OUR TEXT IS EXTERNAL... 1. In which we are engaged in battle with OTHERS a. The context of 2 Corinthians should make this clear b. For Paul is defending his apostleship and ministry against false teachers 2.... more

I. THE SPIRITUAL WARFARE IN THIS TEXT A. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THAT FOUND ELSEWHERE... 1. It is not quite the same war described in Ro 7:23 or 1Pe 2:11 2. In those passages, a different war is being discussed a.... more

Weapons Mighty In God (10:3-5) INTRODUCTION 1. In our text, Paul writes of a "war" in which Christians are engaged... a. A war where weapons are used that are "mighty in God" b. A war that has as its objective to: 1) "pull down" 2) "cast... more

When we die, our membership in a local congregation ends. When Stephen died, he was no longer a member of the Jerusalem church. But our membership in the universal church continues on after death

Local churches can easily be divided over doctrine or personalities. Such was the case with the church of Corinth. While we can't divide the Universal Church, we can be responsible for dividing local churches