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Wondrous Word by Bishop Andre

Wondrous Word with Bishop Andre A Wright


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This broadcast is to bring encouragement, enlighten and enhance people to reach their goals and destiny in life and understanding the gift and value inside of them.

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DEVELOPING DISCIPLES CAN BE A LENGTHY PROCESS... 1. The illustration of 'spiritual multiplication' in our previous study revealed that it takes nearly six years for noticeable growth to occur 2. Even Jesus spent three years in... more

IT IS TEMPTING TO WORK WITH TOO MANY AT ONE TIME... 1. Because of what others may expect of us ("You should not be working with just a select few.") 2. Because of what may be our own vain glory ("Numbers impress... more

PERSONAL FOLLOW-UP IS TIME-CONSUMING... 1. The needs of a new believer are often similar to that of a baby (feeding, bonding, protecting) 2. When life's busy schedule presses down, priorities will have to be made 3. Only... more

LIFE TRANSFERENCE"... 1. Life transference - the transferring of things in your life to the life of the new Christian 2. In other words, the sharing of a lifestyle with the new believer 3. Such as Paul did with the Thessalonians - 1Th 2:8 B. OUR... more

SEEN WHEN ONE GRASPS 'THE VISION OF MULTIPLICATION'.... 1. Suppose you develop just one truly 'multiplying Christian' each year... a. Not an unreasonable goal b. For some that may not seem like much 2. If each year... more

1. Growth in the early church was described as multiplying - Ac 6:7; 9:31; 12:24 2. Contrast 'spiritual multiplication' with 'spiritual addition' a. Spiritual addition - involves leading people to Christ, but that is all b. Spiritual multiplication -... more

POTENTIAL FOR CHANGE IN A NEW CHRISTIAN... 1. A new convert has just expressed godly sorrow and repentance - 2Co 7:10 2. The desire to change and do what is right is at a peak - e.g., Ac 16:15 3. Given proper direction at... more

UTILIZING A THREEFOLD APPROACH.. . 1. Group follow-up: nurturing the believer through the local church - He 10:25 2. Personal study: activities in which the new Christian engages on his own - 1Ti 4:13-16 3. Personal follow-up:... more

INVOLVING SEVERAL AREAS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH... 1. Having the assurance of salvation and acceptance with God - 1Jn 5:13; 2:3 2. Developing a consistent devotional life - 1Pe 2:2; Col 4:2 3. Understanding the basics of... more

DEFINITION OF FOLLOW-UP A. THE WORK OF GROUNDING A NEW BELIEVER... 1. Such was the goal of Paul's labors - Col 1:28-29 2. Therefore it was an important part of his ministry - Ac 14: 21-22 B. INVOLVING SEVERAL... more