5nC Godestpoes

5nC Godestpoes

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The purpose of the progam is to promote self awareness,self empowerment ,self employment from a hiphop culture stand point. What We Are About Five and C stands for Power and Understanding.we use our understanding to bring our own social equality about.Social means to advocate a society or group of men women and children together for one common cause. Through having that common cause shows and prove our power.Equality means to be equal in everything.We are against the 4 heads: jealousy,hatred,envy and greed.We respect all the black and original street organizations(BLOODS,CRIPS,FOLKS NATION,PEOPLE NATION,ZULU NATION,NATION OF ISLAM,NATION OF GODS AND EARTHS,BLACK PANTHER PARTY,BGF,SYNDICATE,UHURU,RBG,and all other street organizations and nations in the movement. GOALS of 5 and C Economic growth and developement through 1)Education 2)Technology 3)Entertainment 4)Industrial/Agrilcutlural trade 5)buisnesses which is our 5 points.

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join us at 6:30pm est and call in 17142029921 as we speak to True Mathematics Allah about 120 lessons ,economics and keeping the streets safe and educating the youth.

Come join us this friday at 6pm call in 1-714-202-9921 as we speak with True Mathematics ALLAH about knowledge of self ,self esteem, edcucating the youth and The Divine Youth Center Program, and how to positively influence the... more

Join us this Thursday night at 6pm as we speak with POPS Movement Council member the Honorable Hest Aden call in 1(714)202-9921 as we speak about National Peace Day March for Healing and P.E.A.C.E on Dec.7th 2013 at 2pm... more

Join us monday at 1pm est as we speak on current issues community outreach, politics, awareness networking and ways of self employment. call in at 17142029921

Come join us at 630 pm call 17142029921 as we speak on the solutions to having economic support and ideas of community involvement

come join us as we speak to Mr.Tysun about economic independance and Market America call in 1714 202 9921 at 11am est to find out more about this economic and financial opportunity.

come join us at 5:30pm Central 6:30pm call 17142029921 this Sunday as we speak to audio engineer,music producer,songwriter,dj, Dj Striden as he talks about what inspires him ,the music industry and being a independent and... more

Come join us this Friday at 6pm as we interveiw Florida Independent Artist Big Bud call in 17142029921 as he speak about up and coming projects and Florida hiphop and being a independent artist.

Join us tomorrow at 6pm est call in 17142029921 as we interveiw Pennicle Music artist Maintain McQueen. as we speak about being a independent artist up and coming projects tour dates Florida hiphop and the future of florida hiphop.

come join us at 1pm est call in 17142029921 as we talk about part 2 to child rearing and peer pressure and being proactive within our community and children's life dont miss this discussion
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