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"The Begining" host Pastor Mark Fields

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I read somewhere that the greatest gift the eagle gives to its young is the “push” out of the nest.  When I reflected on this statement I began to think how we confuse our purpose with our titles and our gifts with our positions.  How did I come to this connection?  Well, I realize that the gift that the eagle gave its young was the gift to “Do” or Fly.  That is precisely what they were created to do.  Jesus was given all power and authority by God for the kingdom of God.  That authority was imparted to us through his spirit for the same purpose, “FOR” the kingdom of God.

The same as the young eagle, there was no purpose to their lives until they discovered their wings and learned to fly.  They would be totally dependent on their mother to provide for them.  So how can we know our purpose and not know the kingdom of God?  It is not a religion, denomination, it is not titles.  It is God’s rule over your life.  We were given gifts, not trophies, but we use them as identifiers because we are too afraid of totally trusting in God.  Sure we say we do but we demonstrate if we can’t see it we don’t believe it.

Again, just like the young eagles until they learned how to fly they would fail to understand the privilege of being an eagle.  Until we discover the kingdom of God we will never know how to operate correctly.

We sit in the pews soaking up what we feel we need for us.  Never regurgitating what was taught, never displaying the love Jesus gave, nor seeing anything outside ourselves or our own selfish needs.   This can only show why the young eagle is reluctant to jump out of the nest without the push from the mother.  It is because like many of us we love the thrill of soaring, but we fear the idea of falling.  Let’s start by understanding what the kingdom of God really is.