2012 A New Age with Jay hill

Jay Hill 2012 A New Age

Jay Hill 2012 A New Age

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Welcome to 2012 A New Age, Today will be a Jay Hill day and tak9ing callers and talking about the universe and energy. Things are occurring around us everyday. Please join us for discussion and Wisdom concerning the times we live in in relation to 2012, the ascension process and what is happening in the world. We must keep in mind there is a parallel between :geographical :economical stress: war and astronomical events, and human emotion and discord. Our thinking, intent and emotion influence all around us. Including events that we would not think as being influenced (like earthquakes). We are the creators. It is said "as above so below" so remember its also "so inside of us so outside of us" Think balance and peace! Listen in and see what resonates. Thank You Jay
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