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We are your weekly dose of theRidiculous; Hollywood, Comic Books, Gaming, and the general hilarity that is the human race, none of it is spared, our opinions are honest, unfiltered, slightly skewed, possibly biased, and not always sober, welcome to the hilarity that is the 16Bit Assassins.

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Well ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday and that means the 16Bit show is back, and we've got a great show lined up for you, Toaster talks about what he's looking forward to during his trip to Seattle, and Pax Prime, Dunny talks some playable teaser info, someone doesn't like THe Order 1886, the sun will die before you completely complete no man's sky. Resident Evil 2 leaks, Behemoth announces game 4, Boring PS4 still selling like hotcakes, all this and more, on Episode 91: Technically we're all half centaur.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Friday night, and you know what that means, another amazing episode of the 16Bit Assasins podcast, on this episode we find out if Toaster survived his drive to Florida, and we check in with Dunny who has been... more

Ladies and gents, it's one of our usual special Thursday episode, and we're joined by one of our favorite guests, that's right, Dan Silvers from Lantana games will by with us. On this episode we take a look at EA's subscription service, we... more

Well ladies and gents, we're going to try round 2, thanks for checking Friday's show by the way, So, what are we talking about on episode 88.5, well, all the things we couldn't talk about on Episode 88 because of the internets deciding to... more

Ladies and gents, it's another Friday, and another 16Bit Assassins show, on this episode we're joined by Matt from the Game-A-Thoners, you may remember them from a few episodes back, but Matt didn't get the chance to join, and is... more

Ladies and gentlemen, after last week's audio fiasco we're back, and we've got a great, audio filled show for you on this episode. On episode 87, Dunny talks some Destiny beta goodness, as Toaster runs out to get a PS4. Quakecon rages, and... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's another Thursday night, and another Thursday night show, not only do we have some things to talk about, but we also have two special guests. Joining us from Switchblade Monkeys, the studio behind the twin... more

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Thursday, and we're doing a show because we just couldn't wait to talk about E3 any longer, On this episode we talk about the event going on in LA,, I'd say we're live in Los Angeles, but I'd be lying, So on this... more

Ladies and Gentelmen have we got a show for you this evening, We know it's Sunday but hey, when Commander Shepard wants to do a show on a Sunday you do a show on a Sunday, that's right kids, the voice behind Shepard... more

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back for another episode of the 16Bit Assassins, and have got a great show tonight. On this episode we talk about Wolfenstein's hillairous Steam reviews, why SWATting is still a bad idea, TakeTwo interactive... more

Ladies and Gentlemen do we have a show for you tonight, Firstly we are joined by Ben Shostak, one of the brains behind the game High Strangeness, He'll be on to talk a bit about the game, and when we can expect hopefully to see this... more