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The Scott Hensler Show: Starting January 25th, 2019 the Walking Among Spirits show, the Scott Hensler Network show, and the Tin Foil Hat Club show goes full circle. Returning back to Simplicity Probability Facts and Truth no matter who it offends! This shows the main concept is Simplicity Probability Facts and Truth no matter who it offends! Whether you’re a TI, Cursed individual or just confused. The truth will set you free…

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Clone walk-ins and abduction. Fairy tails or fact? Tonight what is going on with those who cannot see the truth!

Things that go bump in the night. Tonight the phenomena known as paranormal, supernatural and those who are victims of the great lie called necromancy. This includes the inventors of radio and the history of those who used it to contact... more

Are you discombobulated or are you of sound mind? Are you confused or of clarity? Tonight my two cents of what happening to the world who is greatly deceived!

From Spirits to Observatories. Tonight open topic.

Tonight a look at the man who seems to oppose the New World Order. A man on many hats is one who changes to become what is needed at the time. So at this time he is one thing. Tomorrow he will be another!

Tonight a look at those who say they are truthers and believers that have media presence. Are the ones your listening to for real? Or are they another programmed flying monkey who just like a clown is sent in to entertain you and... more

Tonight some thoughts on today's issues we are all dealing with. Also A quick summery on the US Army's document furnished by the CIA concerning the Gateway Project.

Tonight a look at UFC and MMA female fighters both in the ring and out. Trying to understand what opposes the natural nature of women.

Tonight the war continues to a new level. There is a great effort to trick, force and cause believers to stand down in the last days. Do not fall for it under no circumstances. In regards to the no fly list concerning the spirit realm there are... more

Visitations of the third kind are not necessarily just spirits, but can also be human. Tonight a lesson on those who watch you while you sleep!