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CAN Radio is a public service provided by the Council for Autism and Neurodiversity. Episodes present news, interviews, reports, alerts, information and entertainment for the community. To learn more about the show, including sponsorship, requests, internships, and other information, visit the CAN website.

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The Pope says he wants to meet with autistics to help end some of the stigma. But many advocates are concerned about Autism Speaks' presence at the events. Autistic activists have long denounced Autism Speaks as sort of a hate group... more

So glad to be back on this week! We got recent news, updates and resources for you, plus: What could be wrong with an adult publicly disclosing how he identifies? Sharing some personal insight, Jerry Seinfeld recently revealed in an... more

A new school year has begun. And, like clockwork, the cases of abuse, bullying, and IEP problems have come pouring in. These are serious but all too common and predictable problems facing autistic students every school year.... more

What is "CD Autism?" It's one of the so called treatments some health care professionals are selling to families as a means to "recover" loved ones from autism. CD Autism is one of the most alarming and contrversial, but it's just one... more

Amy Shapiro wrote a book called The Music That Gave Me a Voice. Ms. Shapiro says she wrote the book ?to express to the world how music changed my life for the better.? At 3 years old doctors discovered a brain tumor which they said... more

There has been a lot of talk over the years about the school to prison pipeline and how students as young as third grade are not only written off but prepared for juvenile centers and prison. We will touch on the school to prison pipeline that... more

There are tons of challenges for students on the spectrum in our schools. Many of these problems can be prevented and solved but what are we doing to make things better? We'll talk about what some of the biggest problems are, what we... more

What if you could change the world? Would you do it? What would be the first thing on your list to change? We're going to have a conversation about how groups like the ICAA were founded, and what you can do to help change the... more

Join us as we talk to Bethany Gartin, Outreach and Development Manager for the Golden Hat Foundation. The mission of the Golden Hat Foundation is to change the way people on the autism spectrum are perceived, by shining a light on... more

Tara Heidinger is here again this evening to talk about the need for cameras in classrooms, and recent news about advances she is making. We'll discuss ways the community is organizing for pushing this initiative. To learn more about the... more
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