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The Virginia Militia

Militia Intelligence Report


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The "Militia Intelligence Report" brings you the latest news and intelligence analysis that others will not. Host includes a man called Chris Dorsey. Co hosts are David Dauterive and Clifford Eberhardt. The latest news of the week and lawful restoration of the constitution for USA, from our European Common Law, is discussed. The report also goes deep into conspiratorial events and history not talked about on any other programs. The report actively fights the triad of The International ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (UN), The Central Banks,and the Vatican. Chris Dorsey of the Virginia Militia has been a member of the Virginia Democratic Party,and ran for Richmond Sheriff in 2013. Chris has appeared on Press TV news, many times over the years, discussing such issues. Chris Dorsey can also be found on FaceBook and YoutTube. The Report also LIVE streams on FaceBook with our Militia Intelligence Report - radio news programs. Send Chris Dorsey a friend request on FaceBook to view our LIVE FaceBook videos and follow us on Twitter. For more information, visit our website www.chris-dorsey.com

On-Demand Episodes

The Civil war in America is ramping up and the economic warfare is the most powerful weapon being used now. All Corporate and Government stakeholders are guilty of treason for engaging in war against the people therefore voters... more

If one is not with us-we the people of God one is stupid,pathetic, and Satanic because anyone in anyway proping up this usury based ungodly system is criminal under God's law/natural law. All not following behind us in the lawful... more

Because Government means mind control, the only competent individuals are those who govern themselves. The Bible/Common Law based constitution recognizes that our rights come from God, and the people are to Government... more

God is to man as man is to government. It is irrational to think that man created in God's image can be enslaved by a two dimensional creation of people known as Government-which simply means mind control. I am certainly not anti... more

Everything Governments and Corporations do is wage overt warfare and slavery against the people. Government and Corporations are organized crime. This is easily explained because one would be intellectually incompetent not... more

chris dorsey, david dauterive, and clifford eberhardt discuss the most important issues facing humanity. Topics include Brexit/Fake Queen/Jew Prime Minister, Boris Johnson 100 year bonds, Record low bond yield setting up for financial... more

The noose is tightening around all the world leaders child rapist Donald Trump and all other world leaders are complicit in the same crimes/Treason. The leaders of the world are ramping up the controlled demolition of society. We as... more

Chris Dorsey, David Dauterive, and Clifford Eberhardt hold Kings Bench Court as the only legitimate Governing authority on planet earth. A majority of the population of the earth is complicit in crimes against God and Man, however the... more

Chris Dorsey, David Dauterive, and Clifford Eberhardt discuss the Treasonous crimes of all Governments and corporations. The only hope for humanity is to destroy the current unconstitutional usury based structure.

This broadcast is only a test.