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Looking for real answers to your real-life marriage problems? This podcast addresses the real issues that marriages face every day. Whether your spouse is in love with someone else, sexual issues are destroying your marriage, or you are wanting to know how to make your marriage stronger - this podcast is for you. https://www.MarriageHelper.com

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[Episode brought to you by WhatAboutMe.Org - a division of Marriage Helper that helps children navigate through how to deal with their parents' divorce. Donate to the mission at whataboutme.org/donate] We hear it all the time, "Kids are... more

It was a slow decline. 7 years ago is when Brandon and Carrie's marriage started experiencing troubles, but they didn't realize it yet. Over the years, they grew apart. Even though they were living in the same house. Work, kids, and the... more

Many times we have people asking us to hear stories of people who have been through our online course and attended our Marriage Helper workshops. In this podcast, we interview an online course member and a recent Marriage Helper... more

Want to work on becoming more attractive, but you feel like there are so many obstacles in your way? Kids, spouse living at home, job, and more? Here's the question that we received: "My situation is unique in the sense that my husband... more

We fight for marriages. All marriages. No matter what has happened. BUT sometimes they end. Actually, sometimes they should end. We realize that sounds as if it is in opposition to our mission. In this program, Dr. Joe Beam explains... more

We receive so many questions ranging over so many aspects of marriage, relationships, love, sex, and more that we can't get to them all. This show helps alleviate that problem. Ask anything you wish about any of the topics in the... more

How does sexually explicit material affect relationships? With your spouse or with your children? What can you do about it? In this podcast, we interview Clay Olsen, co-founder of Fight The New Drug, a global movement focused on... more

No matter the age, we hurt deeply when we feel abandoned by someone we thought loved us...or that should have loved us. The information in this program can be used effectively by an adult dealing with lost love, such as a divorce. It... more

When Dr. Tennov introduced the concept in the 1970s, it was mostly rejected. We encounter marriage counselors who have never heard of it. But the research is solid. PhD's including anthropologists and biologists and more study it, even... more

Maybe your marriage is wonderful. Maybe not. Either way, you're surrounded by friends or relatives whose marriages are in trouble. Most of our programs speak directly to those whose marriages need help. However, in this program, Dr. Joe... more