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Godless Bitches

Godless Bitches


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Jim Jordan crapping on sex abuse victims because it's interfering with his odds of becoming the next house speaker Sessions' new "Religious Liberty Task Force" to help persecuted Xians in the US People in China not getting married Lebron... more

GB 04.05 2018-06-02 with Clare Wuellner, Jen Peeples, and Tracie Harris

The Godless Bitches podcast was created by Beth Presswood to focus on feminist issues from a secular perspective and to help increase the presence of women's voices in the secular community. It is a media production of the... more

A big thank you to everyone at the American Atheist Convention in OK City. A lot of events going on in Austin, including the Austin bomber. Flat earth rocket man flies! Pat Robertson feels like he is being dominated by homosexuals. Women... more

Lawrence Krauss, Sexual Misconduct & More, Power Inequity, Women in Media, Diversity in Atheism, CPAC, Catholic Bishops vs. Right to Life (Good News), How to Sit Like a Lady (Bless Your Heart), Poll on Food Warning for DNA... more

Welcome, aggressive vs assertive donuts, history of the word "bitches" in the show title, women in music, body image & plastic surgery, viewer mail- bodily rights (abortion) "child in the woods" argument, abortion bill, sex, marriage and... more

Beth, Jen and Traci are joined by special guest Evan Michelson!

Beth and Tracie are joined by Rob Poole!

Beth and Tracie are joined by Heina Dadabhoy!

Beth, Jen and Tracie are joined by Surly Amy!