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Let's talk about Canadian politics. Not the spin, not the talking points, not the partisan bluster. Let's talk about the reality of this "democracy"

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WWE Battleground is a SmackDown Live exclusive event and goes Sunday July 23 in Philadelphia. Eight matches are on the card. Or is it nine? Somebody ask Vince. Three titles are up for grabs - the WWE Championship, the SmackDown Tag belts and the United States Championship. Throw in an "old fashioned" Flag Match, a Fatal Five Way elimination match for womens #1 contender, PPV exposure for two of the future's big stars, a comic relief bit from Breezango versus who knows who and a kickoff show match for two severely under-utilized talents. As I write this, a Sammy Zayn/Mike Kanellis match is being rumored. (whoopee) New Japan Pro Wrestling has had a fabulous last couple months and their big annual tournament is now under way spanning two weeks. Dominion was a great event with as many as three matches headed for the HOF for many fans. The NJPW foray into California was a great success, G1 USA also had some great matches and there was no shortage of loyal and very knowledgeable NJPW fans. The G1 Climax 27 tournament is under way and promises some top level performances. We go over it all with The Smarks' resident NJPW "Gedo", Derick Thompson. Otherwise, the Battle Smarks lineup consists of p0rnoPuppy, Cnyr3bel and canadianglen. Probably. Listen in, join the chat room, tell us how wrong we are.
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There is no denying that sexual assault of any and all types continues to be a cancer upon our societies. Governments of all stripes wax poetic about real change in the way these crimes are investigated, prosecuted and punished. So... more

Net Neutrality is the principle that internet providers (ISP's) should not control what we see and do online. In 2015, startups, internet freedom groups and 3.7 million individual comments won strong net neutrality rules from the US Federal... more

Well, finally, a pay-per-view event with a new name. For better or worse, I guess. Great Balls of Fire, a RAW exclusive goes Sunday July 9 in Dallas, Texas. At least it gave us a natural smark-take for this preview show's title. The Universal... more

Remember when elections gave answers? Even in minority results, there is 400 years of Westminster tradition and precedent. Well, surprise! Enter the BC Liberals, a Lieutenant-Governor on the last 6 months of her term, an... more

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) was enacted by the US Congress in 1986, in large part as a reaction to the movie "War Games" which portrayed a scenario where unauthorized computer access allowed manipulation of the... more

This year, Money In The Bank is a SmackDown Live exclusive event. How has Shane McMahon inserted some novelty for this edition? For the first time, there will be two ladder matches for a guaranteed Championship opportunity on... more

Finally. The Conservative Party of Canada has a new leader. From a starting grid of no less than 14 candidates down to one. After 13 rounds of voting. After irregularities that resulted in over 1,300 party memberships being erased. After... more

It has been 600 days since Canada went to the polls and deposed the Emperor Harper. Oh rejoice. Oh deliverance. We shall be saved. The mercurial Justin is here to save us. Because it's 2016. Canada is back. Our rightful place on the... more

Two Liberal majority governments hit the election trail at opposite ends of the country. They both have a common list of complaints against them from their citizens. Health Care. Public Education. Scandal. Stomping on workers rights.... more

Same month, opposite ends of the country, a very similar scenario on a different scale. On May 30th, Nova Scotians elect a new Provincial government. There are three parties in play, A majority is a moving target for the incumbent party and a... more