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Teaching and Preaching from Salt Rock, West Virginia

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Why the rage against Jesus? Can any of my friends who see this post tell me what my beer or liquor of choice was when we drank together everyday for years? Who cares that I want Jesus first? You post what you want, and we both... more

Spent yesterday showing homes to a lady who has very different views than I do. We spent about six hours looking at houses, so we talked about everything from guns, which we both want, to a different view on abortion, although our view... more

Sounds a bit scary to think we can be perfect, but let's see what the Bible says.

And he would love to be yours! Psalm 23 this morning

As we pray for the drug situation to be eradicated, who can pray? A pure heart is used in the Bible, let's investigate!

Please, pray, and if we are in one mind and one accord, we can expect prayers to be answered. If we pray together, we have power.

2 Peter 3:8, Genesis chapter 1, Revelation 21, and 1 Thessolonians... check these verses if you can't tune in.

Start your day praying, reading the Bible, thinking on a message you heard in church. Football coaches all across America are telling their players to " get your mind right!" This is how you get your mind right, and get to heaven!

I have been thinking of this phrase and that song all morning! Did you know we should never use God's name or Jesus' name in vain( wrong way)? We use a phrase," we had a come to Jesus moment!" I wish I could say you do, and left... more

We really like don't lie to us, don't steal from us, don't run off with our wives, don't kill, don't eyeball my stuff... So, what are we missing?