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Good morning fellow constitutionalist, I will no longer be doing a live show on Blog Talk Radio, or storing the The Dan Clements Show mp3 files The podcast is over at my show page wwwthedanclementsshow.com I still do a live show M-F on my YouTube channel of the same name.

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Episode 919: Tax cuts expand freedoms!!! Almost every American who files taxes will benefit from president Trumps, and the House GOP's tax plan. The more you make the more the more you will benefit. One of the best things is the new 0%... more

Episode 918: Capitalism vs. Marxism, Freedom vs. Tyranny The struggle between Capitalism and Marxism has been going on for over 100 years, and only one has a leg to stand on. In the world today history is being ignored because of... more

Episode 917: Allah, gender dysphoria, and agreeing to disagree Allah is not God, gender dysphoria is a mental disorder, and agreeing to disagree on facts and truth is intellectually lazy!!! What do these three things have in common?... more

Episode 916: The Manafort indictment, then insanity ensues!!! In a very predictable response from the anti-freedom crowds in America, president Trump is guilty, and he needs to be removed from office. This is Trump derangement... more

Episode 915: Hate and Hate speech are subjective ideas!!! Hate speech is the buzz phrase on college campi today and it seems to be country wide. Young adults who object to others ideas that disagree with their world view, have been... more

Episode 914: The lamestream media is looking the other way!!! There has always been a certain amount of bias in the lamestream media. There is a conservative bias on my show, I don't try to hide it, and I try to be fair. The lamestream... more

Episode 913: Did Sen. Flake, flake out??? Where has Sen. Jeff Flake been for the last 8 years? Did he just wake up and get some intestinal fortitude? Is he taking a page out of the senior senator from AZ John McCain and become a... more

Episode 912: George W Bush's great democracy speech!!! What G W Bush lacked in enthusiasm in his ?democracy speech? he more than made up for by his inaccuracies!!! More than a handful of times during his speech to... more

Episode 911: When Freedom isn't Allowed!!! Our college and university campi are overrun by non thinking, no life experience, echo chambered child-adults. And a lot of the professors are no better with their anti freedom rhetoric, that... more

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