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Summer is here and so are the commonly pesty mosquitoes. Who loves to endour a mosquito bite? I know I don't. And when I look for products to repel ingredients, it is amazingly enough to see how dangerous some of the common... more

Join myself and Dr. Hong Lee, a Chiropractor and expert in nutrition. Dr. Hong and Dr. Vic wil talk about the negative effects of coffee, why it causes cancer, heart disease and other chronic conditions and explain the healthy benefits... more

Low back pain is something very common in America. There are at least 31 million Americans who are experiencing back pain at this time of the show. Back pain costs businesses over $5 billion dollars due to the lost of... more

In modern society, we are constantly on the go. We have made the world smaller and easier with technology. Everything we need and utilize can fit in our hand. With that, it should make our lives easier but in the end, it has made our lives... more

"The proper function of man is to live - not to exist." -- Jack London Too often we go through life on autopilot, going through the motions and having each day pass like the one before it. That's fine, and comfortable, until you have gone through... more

Marijuana is starting to catch wild fire about legalization with states such as Colorado and Washington as being able to use recreationally. Many other states have legalized the use for it medically. The question is, what ways... more

Ever hear of Sound Therapy? This short 30 minute show will explain the benefits of using sound to help heal. Dr. Vic will explain the benefits of brainwave technology, music playing at 432hz rather than 440hz and much more. Learn... more

There are so many diets and recommendations on what you should eat. Vegans will tell you that animal products are the worst. Vegetarians will say everything that comes from the ground is all you need. Paleo diet advocates state that we... more

We constantly see individuals take anti-biotics for every little flare up. Doctors, still to this day, prescribe anti-biotics for children with ear infections. We see constant prescriptions of anti-biotics for sinus infections and so much more. The question... more