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'Special Subject' radio broadcasts by well-known experts in their field of expertise with information and resources nowhere else available. Our pledge is that every show will offer listeners invaluable 'take-home' value!

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Public relations is one of the most powerful tools available to a non-profit. What can it do for you? What are the rules? Tune in and discover how one non-profit ... Sylvia’s Children … has been so successful in generating on-going public... more

Salespeople love to talk about features. However, it isn’t features that sell a customer on a product but, rather, benefits. What are benefits? Tune in and find out a way to sell better, faster and more.

Media is one of the most important elements in a sponsorship program and should be the very first sponsorships you generate before going out and getting your other sponsors. What does the media want? Why should they partner with... more

Social entrepreneurship. What is it … how does it apply to non-profits … how does it apply to Sylvia’s Children. Tune in and see how we are taking social entrepreneurship, renaming it African entrepreneurship and making a difference... more

Turn on the news … all they talk about is networking, networking, networking. But, do you know how to do it right? Most people don’t. Tune in and find out where to wear your name tag, what to say and how to generate the most interest in what... more

One of the elements of successful sponsorship is barter. Have you looked at your budget? What can be traded to offer value to a sponsor and offset some line items? Tune in and discover the value of barter for your event’s success.

As founder of Sylvia’s Children and grandmother to 1,000+ Ugandan children I’ve learned a lot in the last 6 years. First, I have learned that Africa is infectious. Second I have learned it is a veritable untapped natural resource. Third I have... more

What are your business goals? What are your personal goals? If you don’t have written goals for yourself you just have dreams. Tune into this program and learn how to set goals, how to modify them and how to make them come true.

Got the recession jitters? What can you do about it? Selling sponsorship is tough this year but does that mean you crawl into a hole and pull it over you? No, you have to keep going. Listen to this show and get some tips and hints... more

What is your personality style? And, how do you recognize the styles of your customers? Tune into this broadcast and learn ... first, who you are and ... second, how to recognize other styles and ... third, how do you sell to the... more