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The Canadian VIP Executive Coaching program includes exectutive coaches with a range of specializations including coaches for business, sales training, charitable organizations, government and health.

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Leaders need motivation. Leaders also need to motivate their team. Discover the secret of motivation in this episode with executive coach, seminar speaker and author Grant D. Fairley. Grant will describe an important ingredient in motivating... more

There are many leadership models. It is important to know which one is the one you are using. Often we end up in a leadership pattern without thinking through how we arrived there and if it is the best way to go. Join Grant D Fairley, senior... more

Join Grant D. Fairley for this executive coaching talk on the importance of understanding your leadership style. With all the demands on executives to produce results, how do you manage and motivate those on your team to get... more

This fairy tale is the Aesop Fable about the Tortoise and the Hare. As with all the "Fairley Tales", Grant Fairley takes a different look at the story to give a fresh perspective on its application to life. In this case, he gives the executive a way at... more

Do you need an executive coach? Join Grant D Fairley from the VIP Executive Coaching group and the Fellowship of Executive Coaches for a discussion on this. Learn the times in your career when having an executive coach will help you.... more

What can an executive or other leader learn from the classic fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes"? The answer of course is many things. Join a new look at another of the old stories to help you see life and leadership more... more

Grant Fairley takes you on a journey through another of the classic fairy tales with a twist. Learn what Humpty Dumpty can teach the executives and others in business. This is part of a series of "Fairley Tales" that are used in the executive... more

Grant Fairley uses classic fairy tales and fables as part of his seminar series and coaching to help people lock in some of the important principles for leading and making the tough choices as an executive. Listen to his presentation using The... more

In another one of our executive discussions, executive coach Grant Fairley uses a twist on an old fairy tale to get us thinking about facing challenges and planning effectively as an executive in these difficult times. Grant Fairley is a graduate of... more