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Vickie Emanuele Energy Goddess

Vickie Emanuele - The Energy Goddess


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Energy Variety show for people and pets. Energy readings & healing, past lives, medium ship, pet communication, children healing & energy tips.

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Medium - Messages from above. This show will be about mediumship. Are you asking, listening or seeing messages that are coming from your loved ones in spirit, angels, guides and animal totems? There is all kinds of different energies... more

"FOREVER" How can that expectaion hold you back? Am I going to be with this person Forever? Is he/ she my forever person? Will I have this job forever? I want to live here forever. These are very common questions I get asked being... more

The topic will be whatever! ANTYHING goes. Ever wonder something about a medium or have a questions about the unknown or about your own life? Now is the time to call in and chat with me and my co host Jessica Spaid. I will take... more

What is coming for us in 2016? I will be chatting with my co host Jessica with my predictions of what the year 2016 will be like. What will be the "theme" for 2016? I will predict what will be happineg with love, relationships, money, career,... more

Angels Verse Spirit Guides? Find out the difference between your angels and spirit guides. Jessica and I will be chatting all about the spritual world. Call in with questions or to get a message from your angel or spirit guide.... more

We all have soul mates but WHO is yours or how many may surprise you! Jessica and I will be chatting about all you need to know about soul mates, the good the bad and the ugly! Call in and see who your soul mate is.

CROSSING OVER TO THE AFTERLIFE, Death and crossing over is going to happen to us all so it is best to make peace with it I will be anwsering lots of common questions people ask me about death and crossing over. I have chatted... more

DREAM INTERPRETATION Are your dreams trying to tell you something? Does everyone dream? What are night terrors? Is that a past life or a dream? These are just some topics Jessica and I will be chatting about. Dreams have... more

HOW TO RIDE THE WAVE..... There is a new wave of energy coming to earth to open us up and shift us to a new level on our spiritual path. READY OR NOT this wave is coming! With this new wave of energy I am now channeling new entities... more

Vaccine Awareness and TRUTHS... Jessica and I will be interviewing Dr. Murdoch Acupunturist Physician who has traveled the world lecturing on the TRUTH of vaccines. He has lots of great information that you need to hear. Some will... more