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Talk about Wicca and Witchcraft in today’s world. We will dispel myths, conjure the truth, explore the history of witchcraft. Live tarot readings every show!!

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The term "soulmate" has different meanings, other than the usual thought of a romantic relationship. One must first understand that reality is a computer generated consciousness hologram in which all souls evolve from the same collective unconscious and therefore we are all soumates in one sense of the word or another. Let's discuss this topic that's steeped in the hearts of all mankind from birth and beyond. http://www.witchinghour.co/
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Spiritual discussion! Call in for questions and free tarot readings! Blessed Be~ Miss Syleena http://www.witchinghour.co/

Spiritual discussion! Call in for free tarot readings! http://www.witchinghour.co/

Spiritual disscussion. Call in for free tarot readings! http://www.witchinghour.co/

Another Wheel of the Year Sabbat, Mabon! Mabon is the second harvest, and as such becomes another holiday of thanksgiving. It is also the day when darkness once more overtakes light, and so it is a day of planning, reflection, and the... more

Today we are going to talk about cults. I mean the kind that take over you financially, emotionally or spiritually. No religion is safe from it. Religious "leaders" from all paths of life are akin to have the ability to do it. All religions are... more

On a personal note, this is my way to help the pagan community. I do not get paid from these radio stations and the money received goes to paying hosting fees. My goal is to bring the message of the important work that you are doing for your... more

In early August, Lammas or Lughnasadh is usually a festival celebrating the first fruits of harvesting, the fruits your labours, and seeing the desires that we had from the beginning of the season unfold so rituals are going to be... more

Today we will be talking to Merhamet Miller - the High Priestess, Legal Clergy and co-founder for the Temple of the Sacred Gift-ATC in Memphis, TN. The Temple of the Sacred Gift-ATC was founded on September 21st 2009. They are active... more

I am so honored today to talk to the famous Terry Michael Riley! Terry formed, in 1994, with his wife Amanda Riley, Gary Christopher, and several other members the Southern Delta Church of Wicca-ATC. Their goal is to bring Wicca into the... more

Donna Wallace or ?Morgan SilverWolf? as she is called by her magical name has started a non-profit group called Guardians of Hope, Inc. Morgan is the president and founder of this group that in simple words states, ?We don't give... more
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