The Warrior Bride Awakening

The Warrior Bride Awakening

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Sounding the End-Times Call for the Bride of Christ to arise and walk in Her Bridal Identity and prepare for the Wedding Supper of The Lamb of God. Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David in the earth in the end-times, a House of Prayer for all Nations, where Night & Day Worship and Intercession is rising to the Throne of God.

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Overseer Hal Ngoy est en train d'enseigner et de conduire la prière sur la loi fondamentale du Royaume de Dieu : La Loi de la Semence et la Moisson. La Parole de Dieu est la semence qui contient la vie de Dieu. Lorsque... more

This is a pre-recorded message, an invitation to you, the listener, to consider your standing with God, and get into right standing now with HIM. Y'shua Hamashiach is the only person to be born through a woman into this earth alive... more

Mini-veillée de l'Epouse avec Pasteur Hal Ngoy sur la Ligne de Prière – Veillée de l'Epouse (Vendredi 6 Avril 2013) : La nécessité de veiller et de prier Nous sommes tous... more

This is part of a series of messages that Overseer Hal Ngoy has been teaching on the Born Again Path. This particular episode is dealing with becoming the dwelling place of God on earth. God desires to inhabit and operate in us. If you... more

This is the second and last part of this message, that was recorded on our Telephone Prayer Line. You may contact Overseer Hal Ngoy by phone at (314) 450-1125 or via email at We are... more

This is a message I delivered during one of our Telephone Prayer Line Sessions. I have had to split it into two sessions here so, make sure to listen to part 2 as well to get the full message. If you need to speak with Overseer Hal... more

God told Rebecca that she was carrying twins in her womb, just like us today: Esau, the first one, represents the flesh, and Jacob, the one that came last, represents the spirit. So, the second, Jacob (the spirit) was to rule over the first,... more

Overseer Hal Ngoy is teaching on the obstacles to developing the mind of Christ. The enemy starts to work on people even while they are in their mothers' wombs through a variety of techniques and strategies. And if he can't stop you from... more

This is the second part of this message, "Understanding the primary key of the Kingdom of God." The Kingdom of God is released with the Word of God. That's why the enemy works extra hard to prevent the Word of God from settling in... more

This message was pre-recorded and is being uploaded for the benefit of the Body of Christ. As our Lord Jesus-Christ spoke with His disciples, He asked them a very interesting question, "If you don't understand this, how then will you... more
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