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The Resa Show is a new show, and many of its topics have penetrated its listeners hearts and minds. Teresa used the show as a ministry platform, sharing the gospel, featuring new artist, health advisers, financial music, health advisers, financial educators, interviews, reaching globally across the world, pulling them up from where they have fallen. She brings joy and motivation to her audience, and she inspires her audience to reach higher for a better life. She believes that we as God's children should move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give us the life we want. The Resa Show is a weekly broadcast. Monday Night Bible Study. 7:00PM (CST). - Guest Night - Thursday 7:00PM (CST). - Saturday -Girls Around The Table. www.resashow.com

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Join Dr. Teresa Graham (LIVE) Bible Study. She will be talking about "You Must Be Born Again." The show starts at: 7:00PM (CST) & 8:00PM (EST). If you wish the hear the show LIVE: (917) 889-9977 Please remember to share "The Resa Show" with your social media family and friends. She will teach the Bible so a child can understand it. Dr. Teresa Graham and The Resa staff would like to thank you for listening to the show! NEWS: We have just launched our new website, please take a look around and help support our vision. We love you and until the next show, "Have a blessed day! ( www.resashow.com)
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Join Dr. Teresa Graham (LIVE) for her Monday Night hour Bible Study. She will be talking about "The beginning of miracles Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and how you should never make the Father's house into a house of selling." She will be... more

There were two men who were given a powerful assignment to impact the world....(John & Jesus of Nazareth). Join Dr. Teresa Graham (LIVE) for her little mini Bible Study. She will be talking about "Why It's Important To Be Sent... more

For many years, an open surgical biopsy was the standard way to diagnose breast changes, including cancer. With advances in breast imaging and needle biopsy techniques, surgery is no longer the first thing done to learn more about... more

Cancer is typically a disease of unchecked growth, yet tumors can lie silent and undetected for years after apparently successful treatment, then arise with renewed vigor. Join Dr. Teresa Graham @ 7:00PM (CST) & 8:00PM (EST). To... more

Satan is attempting to use the LUST of your Flesh in these last days! Do you know when you give your flesh too much authority, you cut your self off from the life-giving, life saving direction of God. IT"S TIME TO BEAT YOUR FLESH! Join... more

There is a lot of women who's being beaten secretly behind the doors of their home. The husbands that give the blows each night wants to keep their wives under their control and power. Any one who commits domestic abuse is a control... more

Tithing was Israel's moral obligation in order for God to bless the work of their hands. It was established that Israel's tithe was over 22%, and the people were to take care of the Levites. The Levites then tithed by bringing the 10% into the... more

Sexting has become so serious that cell-phone companies are now creating public-service announcements for the specific purpose of dissuading teenagers from sending one another racy messages. What do you think about SEXTING?... more

Have you ever stop to wonder who's in your circle? Shockly, there maybe people planted by Satan with a "Snake Tongue" spreading deadly posion amongst the church folk, looking to strike and bite you with a deadly strike! James shows us... more

Most men keep their baby mama hid away on the side as their side piece and when the new lady in his life find out about her, the drama begins. How many times have you heard women fighting over their baby daddy? They tell lies about... more