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Talk-N-Angels Radio Show is based on the belief in Angels, and in making them known to as many people as possible. Without being seen, they are present in your life and their sole purpose is to assist you in every way imaginable. Our show brings you interviews with amazing people, authors, healers, artists and musicians and segments on self-discovery, positive affirmations, visualizing a better life and using the Law of Attraction to help keep your awareness focused what your thoughts and feelings are bringing to you in your life.

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This morning I asked the angels what they wanted to talk about on the show tonight. I shuffled my deck of angel oracle cards and two of them toppled out on to the floor. This is how the angels get our attention and deliver messages -... more

What does it mean to be aware? Awareness is a state of being - connected and tuned into yourself and the world around you. How do we remain in a state of awareness? Well part of it has to do with living in the Now. Being present with... more

Do you believe in luck? Games of chance are just that, the chance of winning or the chance of losing. When we gamble on a spinning wheel, we think we have no influence over what comes out. However, the Universe is amazing in its ability... more

Perfection. Think of a snowflake. When I think of snowflakes and perfection I think of a passionate speech from the movie Moonstruck when Nicholas Cage's "Johnny" receives a wisdom download about love and explains it to Cher's... more

Guidance and inspiration come from somewhere beyond our human ability to think. Guidance is a feeling, a knowing that awakens when we tap into the part of our being that is eternal and connected to everything. Inspiration is the urging... more

Peace is the word of the season. We wish peace to each other and to the world at this time of year. But what does Peace mean to you? In meditation we can arrive at a state of inner peace and through prayer, practices and other ways of... more

What is it about the aging process that makes people fight it so hard? In our quest for eternal youth, are we missing out on the benefits and delights of growing older? There is a wisdom that comes with age and an appreciation of the very... more

Aleya Dao joins Rita and Mike this week to talk about connecting with the higher realms for healing and powerful manifestation. In 2001 Aleya had an enlightenment experience, which enabled her to perceive other realms, hear the... more

In this life we are subjected to ups and downs. The positive and negative forces push and pull us here and there. And in the great traditions of spiritual teachers, we are learning how to remain calm, focused and relaxed through it all.... more

From the perspective of Spirit, we are part of a much bigger, more diverse and powerful community than we can even imagine! No man is an island, and this is so very true! Each of us lives within a family, a community, a place... more
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