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  • 02:00

    The Sensual, Seductive and Sexually Stimulating Special

    in Self Help

    Come Hither, Tonight is your lucky night, tonight the sexiness will be flowing, The sweet seductions of SPS will be glowing, and everyones inner Steaminess will be showing!!!  You are invited for a cuddly, flirtatious, and sexually suggestive evening wit The Stoned Poets Society!!! DJ Smellykat is gonna make your Thirsty Thursday Affectionate, Alluring and Arousing, alongside his cohort Mr Slambumptious who will keep it Enchanting, Enticing and Exciting!!!  You want it , we got it , You want more , we're on it , nothing can stop it from getting erotic!!! Thursday will be full of all the segments you and yours have come to love so much and tonight only the the Talented and Magical eye of Ireva Photography who's photographs are not only Attractive, their Appealling, they are Provactive yet Passionate, Tender and Tasteful!! And she will be in the studio tonight to showcase the inner sexiness of anyone who wants to come down and bring out their animalistic ,sexy-fied , steamy self!!! If ya can't be here with us folks, just crack open a cold one and Imagine it!!! SPS is back to gratify your senses and satisfy your physical appetite, Welcome to another edition of SPS!!! Leave your inhibitions at the door!!!

  • 02:01

    Sun-delah Sunday Nightcap

    in Goals

    Sloppy Sundays never are the same without The Stoned Poets Society, and if you are as sloppy as a Joe fresh off the stovetop than SPS will join you at the dinner table....not to say grace....but to perhaps sing Amazing grace!!! DJ Smellykat is on fire with with his Fever for conversational cocktails and he'll be joined by the Shishtness of Mr Slambumptious!!! The Golden day of the week just got upstaged by the Platinum Crew of SPS!!! The weekend doesn't end until you and SPS Toast off the week, so giddy up and cheerzzz to to freakin weekend!!!