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This show is not for the faint of heart, I cover many subjects, from conspiracy theories, paranormal and psychic research, and the occasional random rant. I'll try to have guest speakers on as often as I can so that you aren't just hearing me drone on and on!

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The media has jumped on this and they are being sure to emphasize the fact the kid was black. I am broadcasting from my house so that I can show just how many media agencies are boosting this as a race issue instead of what it is. I... more

The police can openly kill people, this is well known, but why and when did it become a race issue? In the short time I have, I will be discussing some controversial facts that people don't like to hear about the Mike Brown case, the... more

If you care about your conutry, your way of life, or your freedoms, THEN DO SOMETHING!!! Sitting on you butt watching reruns but complaining does nothing.

Discussing the creepy, the paranormal, and the just plain weird. Also, speculating why "Joe Blow" refuses to see what is right before his eyes. Phones are open tonight for the strange ones.

I came upon an audio clip calling for the American people to stand up and take what is ours. It also calls out the groups Anonymous to stop stalling and kick off their plans, if they have one. I'll play it here and take any and all calls.

It is about time someone said what needs to be said. This won't be pretty, but it needs to be said.