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Push and Pull

Push & Pull at Midnight


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*Please NOTE* "Push & Pull" is no longer live, though you may of course listen to our archives here on BlogTalk and be sure to check out our achieves at Bambuser.com for video. THANK YOU for honoring us with your presence! Battle of the sexes, Mars & Venus, Metaphysical versus Mainstream, or simply Her point & His? Push & Pull at Midnight, hosted by Halley Elise & Ben Winkler. . . "The most excitement you'll have on the radio!" Halley Elise, B Div, C Ht, Empowerment Psychic, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Author and Media Personality. Ben Winkler, BA, BA, MA, PgC, RIDipl -Cert. Relationship Coach. Have you wondered why/how an Empowerment Psychic & Relationship coach connect? Both Ben & Halley realize that life is multi-faceted & want to share in the myriad of fun & challenges that face us all.

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Aphrodisiacs & Love Potions: Throughout the ages man sought to increase their and their partner's 'love' drive. Were you ever curious what you could use to gain that edge to attract a certain someone, to make s.x more attainable and... more

More On Target, More Satisfying, Just More! She says women are naturally better in bed. He says No way! Think about it... touch, taste, scent, sound...all the components necessary for a memorable moment typically thought of by the... more

Saturday @ Midnight (Eastern). What does it take for real success and how is it defined. You may be surprised by this one. He says, She says will surely be in play! Be sure to join in all the fun on the Most Excitement You'll Have On the... more

'Modern day Galahad?' Is there such a thing as a champion in today's world and would you allow one? A woman's man who takes care and looks after you, how does the relationship end? Does the one rescued become reliant on... more

All too often we fear death, or is it the unknown? What of it… celebrations to take place or sadness that overwhelms? Cultural differences and then there is the “off the wall” stuff i.e., necromancy or sleeping with the dead. Wow! Have you... more

From personal experiences, whether on the giving or receiving end to short and long term effects - self esteem, frustration to anxiety and humiliation. The differences in rejection male vs. female and its upside/ downside effects. Join...... more

?"Push & Pull" pushing the limit this next episode. Just think Halley will be returning from the Witches Ball (really) just in time to go on the air. Will she share some of the secrets she's privy to? Will Ben go running for the hills, & how ‘bout... more

CONTROVERSIAL EPISODE- some may find this show offensive or politically incorrect! BE ADVISED, neither Halley nor Ben intended to offend, or rile up anyone! Neither is prejudiced. Both have friends they love from many diverse... more

The Sensitive Man: Are women drawn to men that are more in touch, more sensitive or are they too 'nice'? Are they the geeky type or is it the 'bad guy syndrome' that attracts more, the danger of assuming how it might end? Can a... more
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