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A program for holding elected officials accountable regardless of party, and vetting candidates so that voters make a more informed decision at the polls.

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Did the Georgia General Assembly lose their collective minds this year? If you're following HB 170, the Transportation Bill, you probably think they have. Having studied the original bill and now the "Senate Substitute", I am absolutely... more

After a brief hiatus due to family issues, we are back! There is plenty to discuss including SB85, the GA Senate Bill that would expand definitions pertaining to Development Authorities, SB130 that would ban smoking in vehicles IF there is... more

The Paulding County BOC meets again on Tuesday and their agenda is full. What are they going to discuss and will Jennifer Farrell, Paulding's own "Chicken Lady", get a chance to discuss "Pet Chickens in Paulding"? Of course, it doesn't... more

Last week was an interesting week in Georgia. From the 2015-2016 Georgia General Assembly kicking off to local drama, it was a very busy week. Join us as we discuss our thoughts on the beginning of what promises to be an... more

What happens when the Good Old Boys turn a blind eye to constant violations of county and state building codes by their friends and campaign contributors? Find out tonight why Paulding County is all in a tizzy over the latest... more

After a four month hiatus we are back! And we're just in time for the next General Assembly in Georgia. Find out what legislation has already been ?pre-filed?. Which bills that have been filed will be the hot button issues in GA and which... more

The Paulding County Chamber of Commerce is once again proving that they care little about "quality of life" in our community. A simple email request was answered with rudeness. Find out what the request was, from whom and who was rude.... more

Paulding County schools seem to have no problem violating the parental rights of their students. Should teachers be using devices like weighted vests on our children without our knowledge? Is the City of Hiram's manager, Robbie... more

So, I have come back from vacation to quite a bit going on. The Douglas County Development Authority went ahead with their "hard sell" of the Foxhall project and the debate continues with that. Paulding County has decided to "roll back" the... more

Mike Daugherty, author of The Devil Inside The Beltway, will be with us for an update on his fight with the FTC. So how did he like testifying before Darrell Issa and the House Oversight Committee? And we'll be looking at local... more
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