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A program for holding elected officials accountable regardless of party, and vetting candidates so that voters make a more informed decision at the polls.

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Paulding County voters will be voting on E-SPLOST 5 on May 20. What is it and why does it matter? Is it a lie or just a stretching of the truth? You'll have to tune in to find out what that questions is all about. And Vernon Collett, Post 3... more
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Did everyone survive Income Redistribution Day? Are you ready to avenge yourselves after paying? Are you tired of the government spending your tax dollars while infringing on your civil rights? I am and we'll discuss just how... more

Have you filed your taxes yet? Tomorrow is the deadline and we'll be discussing the ongoing troubles of the IRS. Also, what's the latest in local campaigns in Douglas and Paulding counties? Tony Crowe, candidate for the Paulding Board... more

Let's talk more local politics and elections. Is the Paulding Chamber of Commerce and their penchant for coming down on the side of politics rather than business. Who is spending what in the Senate races? And G. Patton "Pubby" Hughs,... more

After being out for two weeks sick, I'm back! We have had several kerfuffles during that two weeks but the most interesting is the appearance of the video showing David Perdue's "elitist attitude". We'll discuss this latest development in... more

Tomorrow is Sine Die at the Georgia Gold Dome. Will the gun bill make it? Will Haleigh's Hope Act make it? Also, there is a right way and a wrong way to make a point. We'll discuss what happened at the GA Capitol yesterday that led to... more

We have an extra special guest this week. Mike Daugherty, author of The Devil Inside The Beltway, will be with us to discuss his book and his kerfuffle with Big Government. Mike is a force of nature and is taking on the Devils in D.C. to fight... more

The point of any election is to hold those in office accountable and either vote them out or re-elect them to another term. Now that qualifying in Georgia is over, we know who will face competition and have to answer for their time in office.... more

Qualifying ended at noon last Friday and we now have our candidates for the 2014 midterm election cycle. We'll discuss who qualified and why so many Georgia General Assembly seats don't have a challenger for either the primary... more

Would you continue to support your 18 year old after he/she left home of their own free will rather than follow your rules? I will discuss the NJ case of one girl who decided to sue her parents for child support and tuition after she left... more

Douglas County Georgia has been rocked by the news a local elementary school principal has been arrested thanks to a sting operaton to catch sexual predators called "Operation Broken Heart". Is this proof that a standard background... more
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