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Unified Podcasting Platform

BlogTalkRadio helps independent and network podcasters thrive and profit from their content.

We are a unified podcasting platform that enables podcasters to broadcast/record/upload, manage, stream live or on-demand, syndicate for downloads, measure, and monetize their shows. We take care of the complex technical and commercial chores of podcasting at an unmatched scale so that content creators can focus on creating and honing content that listeners love.


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BlogTalkRadio was founded in 2006 as an internet radio service. Today we’re working with and supporting, a new wave of conversational format shows & hosts who are fueling the podcasting movement.

Vital Stats

Podcast consumption is now reaching 46 million Americans weekly.

BlogTalkRadio is the largest supplier of podcasts to iTunes, and we're seeking to create a home and supportive environment for podcasters, that helps them bring to market high quality and engaging podcasts. We enable hosts to serve their listeners wherever they may prefer to listen - on our site, on the podcasters own site, or through syndication channels like iTunes, TuneIn, Apple Podcast App, or other podcatcher apps of their choosing.

Our influential hosts hold the attention of a large and loyal base of frequently returning listeners. For advertisers and sponsors seeking to launch engaging and influential audio ad campaigns at scale, BlogTalkRadio's heft enables you to reach large valuable audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional radio advertising.


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What’s the common thread between AT&T, Columbia University, Lexus, Johnson & Johnson, HarperCollins and Sears? They all use BlogTalkRadio for business.

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