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Orgen is a radio commentary open to the public to expand free speech through thought provoking conversation with guests on a variety of leading topics.

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Many people are overseasoned and for overdue a come up but they fail to come out of an old system or old way of thinking. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,but against the rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this... more

In today's vastly negative world, we have to guard our faith. Think about it! Consider It! We have negative people, places, things, and ideas coming from all directions requesting invitations to our mind, will, and emotions. Once these... more

So much is going on in this world each and every day, how do we find time to breathe? At every corner there is someone keeping watch and doing the proverbial judging of others. Why do people judge? Judging is a fool's sport.... more

Many people wake up in the morning with old messages that continue to play the wrong tune, and these messages take us out of the normal harmony of life. We have to begin to move past all of the negative morning commentary that our... more

If you choose to believe, you can and will succeed. Despite all the odds that may be set against you, you can win. Just stick in there, and whatever you do; don't give up the fight. Keep the faith and push through your fear. The pain is only... more

Too many people in life have gigantic goals and dreams, but they are too afraid to step into them with confidence. Today, we want to encourage and inspire you to get up, stand up, and deliver a hard blow against procrastination and meet... more

When we turn on the television, radio, internet, or mobile phone, we can see and take witness to a constant barage of fear and sensational information. We believe that fear is the #1 killer of dreams and futures of people. Today, we are... more

When we look into the times and ages that have come and gone, where are we? Are we in the wilderness or have we reached the promised land? Do we know where we are in time, or are we blindly walking through the ages? Who is our... more

We are one human family of men, women, and children, and it seems like the men are opposing each other. The women are opposing each other. The children are opposing each other. There seems to be a great disconnect within... more

"Surely no one lays a hand on a broken man when he cries for help in his distress." Have I not wept for those in troube? Has not my soul grieved for the poor? Yet when I hoped for good, evil come; when I looked for light, there came... more