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Welcome to Cryptic Knowledge Radio! This radio show is devoted in bringing you the best information pertaining to UFO's, Alternative History, Conspiracies, Supernatural, Science, Mythologies, Spirituality, Current Events, the Occult, and much more Philosophical material to this show! I bring you some of the most well respected researchers, authors, and lecturers who want to give you the truth. What you do with the truth is up to you. This radio show is dedicated in searching and deciphering the cryptic knowledge this world has to offer. Anything that is not taken seriously by the main stream media, academia, and the regular Joe, is put to the test here at Cryptic Knowledge Radio!

On-Demand Episodes

Dr. Jack Pruett from http://thegrandestdeception.com/ will be on the show to discuss his book "The Grandest Deception". Some key topics we will discuss is the Ancient Astronaut Theory, Annunaki, Jesus, and New World Order.

Michael Murphy the documentary producer of "What in the World are they Spraying". We focused on many aspects of the checkered board chemtrails in the skies. He first talked about the difference between chemtrails and condensation... more

Nick Redfern from http://www.nickredfern.com is on the show to discuss his book "The NASA Conspiracies". He mentioned how NASA is lying to the public about the Face on Mars and how there could very well be a secret space program... more

John Brandenburg focused on his new book "Life and Death on Mars: The New Mars Synthesis. We discussed how Mars is possibly the end result of a nuclear disaster and how we could very well be the descendant of Martians. We also... more

We talked about Rahasya's book "To Believe or Not to Believe: The Social and Neaurological Consequences of Belief Systems. We focused on how religions, academia, mainstream media, and many other belief systems which are locked... more

Sonia Barrett from www.sovereignmindradio.com will be on the show to discuss her book "The Holographic Canvas". She will go in depth of the illusion of time and the concept of time. We will also concentrate on consciousness and the... more

Joseph Lumpkin from http://www.fifthestatepub.com/ will be on the show to discuss the lost books of the bible. We focused on the importance of the lost books of the bible and the implications of keeping these books from the bible.... more

Jonathan Gray from www.beforus.com and is the author of "Dead Men's Secrets", "The Weapon the Globalist Fear", "64 Secrets Still Ahead of Us". We will focus on Ancient Technologies, Suppressed Discoveries, and Ancient Cataclysms. We... more

John Lash from www.metahistory.org will be on the show to discuss his book "Not in His Image" and examine the Elites future plans of mankind! We talked about The Gods of Eden, Library of Alexandria, Constantine, Christianity,... more
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