Ministry of 7 days Confirmation

Ministry of 7 Days Confirmation


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Prophet AB Turner and Minister Victor Campbell ministers allow God to guide in everyday situations and circumstances. Absolution is what you want, Confirmation is what you need.

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There once was a king who offered a prize to the artist who would paint the best picture of peace. Many artists tried, however, after the king looked at all the pictures, there were only two he really liked so he chooses between them. One... more

A high praise shouting out from across oceans as Ministry of 7 Days Confirmation welcomes Ben-Lee of Yola, Nigeria. His latest song 'David's Praise' has reached ears on the Westcoast in the U.S. His passion surpasses none... more

There is victory in our TESTimony and given the opportunity, we can stand up and speak out about the evidence. The proof that our Creator has provided a way for us to reach the victory and the victory is not because we are faithful... more

Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, Physical Illness, Financial Hardships, Relationship Issues, Heartache, and ETC, it comes with the territory for spiritual battles in favor of the other side's defense. But our offence as Believers is the... more

SIMPILCITY MINISTRIES International invites Evangelist Jennifer Goodman on Ministry of 7 Days Confirmation. She is a also a Writer, Entrepreneur, Blogger and Public Speaker. She is a native of Chicago and the proprietor of Kingdom... more

??????????Redic?LIVE???????AB????????·???7?? If you are tired of doing and being in the same situation, God will again and again and over and over deliver us away from the turmoils of mind, body, and spirit.. This life is kind... more

As the turmoil come around again and again as if you have a target sitting right in the center of your mind and another one used to take you down behind your back and just like that, the Eternal God will rescue us from the constant... more

Many of us have been in search of something only to find it was right in front of us, right there by us and if it was a snake, it would have bit us. Some may find their eye glasses sitting right on top of their head as they search longer... more

As you walk through your own valley of death, don't wait til the battle is over, shout now. Fill up all the worries, the doubts and the second guessing on what God's plan is for you with VICTORY. DON' T WAIT TIL THE BATTLE IS OVER,... more

When you can rest in the belief and knowledge that God keeps His promises, this should be more than enough. Following Sarah's actions as she provided her husband Abraham with a child out of sync with God's promise and timing will... more
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