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The Maven Manifest


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"This is not the end..... This is not merely a setback.... This is the moment when you take 2 steps back redirect... Flying through the air at break neck speed to make that leap over the grand divide.... That separates you from where you are now to where you want to be.... Think and Grow Rich..... JOIN US and experience TRUE Success...

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Create VISIBILITY Create STYLE Create MORE INCOME…. Get 1000 subscribets by joining us here Are you feeling overwhelmed by the word ?BLOG?? You know a blog is necessary today to keep customers and clients... more

Today we are going to learn to build our lists and connect with our audience. We want you to convert more sakes, get more testimonials and make more money. We also want you to be able nurture relationship in business that last a... more

Today is all about the Attitude of forgiveness and learning to clean house, your mental house. a MAVEN just waiting to be unleashed... WANT TO FIND YOURS? I am offering Clarity Calls for you! No sales Pitches! NO COST! Here we... more

Want to paint a picture that just begs to be clicked? Have you wondered why your schedule is not full? Are you struggling with making the connection with your audience? Herewe go.... We are going to give you 5 ways of increasing 1. Your... more

We have alot to be thankful about and sometimes our lives can be overtaken with challenges that we cannot see what we have been blessed with. This is also true in business. If your sales are down and your schedule looks hollow then... more

The second in the The Maven Manifest series. This week we are covering the ultimate in sales strategy. Do you every feel like a sleaze ball when you are selling? OR Are you turned off by sales people? Are your sales declining? What... more

Mavens are made not born! So this will be simple to help you on your way to: 1.Getting more clients and customers. 2.Getting repeat business. 3.Getting the quality referrals you deserve. All by following the next 8 shows to learn the... more

Would you like to be Desired, Respected, and Showered with Affection by MONEY? We all would....I have had a fabulous transformation in my life and it all has to do with this sers of shows this month based on relationships. Do you... more

Ian is the Founder of Quantum Leap Consulting inc which currently does over $5 million in sales. Get the latest info Here After observing his family work away in the corporate world Ian made the decision to break free and live life on... more

Continuing to relive your past is a dangerous thing. Getting through the past and healing from the trauma is the life you need if you have been a victim of abuse. Abuse of any kind is horrible and especially when you allow it to fester inside of... more
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